Add Me To Search: How to Create Your People Card on Google Search

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Ever wanted to show up on the top of the page when someone searches your name on Google?

Well, this is now possible, thanks to Google’s ‘Add Me To Search’ feature.

Best part?

You do not need any SEO skills to create your people card on Google search.


In this guide, we will show you what ‘Add Me To Search’ is and how to create or edit your people card on Google.

Let’s get started.

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Add Me to Search Guide: How to Create a People Card on Google Search
Add Me to Search Guide: How to Create a People Card on Google Search

Add me to search is a Google feature that helps Google users to create their online presence by creating people cards.

On Aug 11, 2022, Google introduced the ‘people card’ on Google search to help you create a quick digital business card that will give people an idea about who you are and other details like your social media handles.

Here’s an example of Add Me To Search feature result:

An example result of Google's add me to search or People Card on the Google search page
Google Add Me to Search Example Card

Consider this as a way to create your virtual visiting card which is helpful to promote your personal brand and products, or becoming popular on Google search.

And, with 8.7 billion Google searches per day, this is a surefire way to get in front of people when they search for you or your business.

Now, let’s understand how this works and the benefits of creating a people card.

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How People Card Works in Google Search?

Initially, people used to carry their visiting cards to showcase their portfolios or promote business offerings. 

With this new feature, Google is now able to upgrade the physical visit card to a people card.

Instead of carrying and showing visiting cards to customers, you now ask customers to search for your names.

benefits of Google add me to search feature

Once you have claimed your people card, you can ask anyone to search for your name on Google. And Google will show users your people card containing all the information.

What can you include in Google add me to search (People Card)?

You can include the following in your add me to search or people card:

  • Name
  • Short bio
  • Working Company
  • Hometown
  • Education
  • Social media links
  • Website URL
  • Contact options

Benefits of Add Me to Search

Here are the benefits of Google’s Add Me to Search feature:

  • It is completely free
  • Acts as a digital business card
  • Helps job aspirants showcase their work
  • Helps business owners network easily
  • Showcases your website
  • You own the top Google search result without needing a website or learning blogging or SEO
  • It helps the environment by helping ditch paper business cards

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In Which Countries ‘Add Me to Search’ Feature is Available?

Google’s Add me to Search feature is available only in limited countries. This includes India, Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria.

In addition, your preferred Google language must be English or Hindi.

That means, if you belong to any of these countries and have set the language to Hindi or English, you will be able to create your people card.

Otherwise, this option will not be available to you.

People Card Feature in Google: Mobile vs Desktop

One of the most common queries people have regarding this feature is whether we access people cards on desktops.

To clarify, Google’s Add Me To Search feature is only available for mobile users. Desktop users will not see the people card even if the person has created a people card.

You can create and access this feature only from mobile devices.

Here’s what desktop users will see:

add me to search desktop

Here’s what mobile users will see regarding Add Me To Search:

image showing add me to search example on mobile

What was the aim of Google in adding the people card feature?

Google’s primary goal was to encourage people to build their online presence. Many developing countries like India have a huge number of Google users.

And, building an online presence with people card features will help users significantly expand their services or business offerings online.

Also, this option is helpful for users who are offering freelancing services, starting a business, or trying to grow their personal brand growth.

How to create your people card on google search (step-by-step process)

Before we dive into the steps of creating and claiming your people card, understand the necessary requirements.

Here are the eligibility criteria to create your people card:

  • You need a Google search app or mobile browser
  • Personal Google account
  • You belong to any of these countries: India, Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria.
  • You have set the preferred language (in your Google account) to either Hindi or English
  • Web and App Activity turned on

Let’s now discover the steps.

Step 1. Search for yourself

First, Ensure that you have created your Google account before. Next, open from your mobile device. 

Then, type ‘Add me to Google’ in the search bar. This will automatically show you an option to create your people card.

Here’s an example:

add me to google search mobile example

Step 2. Get started

Now, click on the ‘Get started’ button. The whole process of creating your people card may take 5 minutes. So, start the process accordingly.

Step 3. Add information

Now, comes the most important part which is adding information.

Once you complete the previous step, Google will show you a form to fill out the required information.

Before adding information, Google will ask you to verify your mobile number. Just add your number and share the OTP sent to your mobile number via SMS.

Mobile number verification is required to create your people card. So, it is recommended to verify your number first and then fill out the information.

Let’s go through each information box to submit:

  • Name* – Add your full name
  • Location* – City name and country
  • About* – Let users know about you, your hobby, business offerings, experience, etc.
  • Occupation* – Job designation or current role
  • Work – Add your company or startup name
  • Education – Include university or high school name, whichever is suitable
  • Hometown – Your hometown or local area
  • Website – Add your personal website, business website, portfolio URL, etc.
  • Social profiles – share social media URLs on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Twitter, YouTube
  • Email – Add the email address that you want to be visible publicly.
  • Phone number – Share the mobile number that you want to be visible publicly.

(* denotes required fields)

Step 4. Preview and submit

Once you fill in the required information, make sure to review the content and other details. Google suggests adding accurate information about yourself.

Here’s what Google’s guideline says:

Do not pretend or in any way attempt to confuse or mislead. Your card should not make others believe that you are someone else or represent an organization you do not represent.”

Next, click on submit.

Step 5. Check the results

After submitting the form, it may take a few hours to show up in the Google search.

However, the acceptance of your Google card is up to Google. Even if you add all the information, Google doesn’t guarantee that your people card will be active when someone searches your name.

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Tips to increase your chance of getting people card approved

  • Provide complete information: Google suggests providing as much information as possible while filling out the form. It includes education, designation, brief bio, and other social media links. This may also help you get people card approval faster.
  • Accurate information: If you are trying to add misleading information about yourself, Google may not show your people card on Google. It is recommended to share information that is accurate for yourself.
  • Change the name: Sometimes, you may see someone with the same name as yourself, already claimed your people card. In that case, try changing your name. For example, I may add ‘Blogger Swadhin Agarwal’ instead of ‘swadhin Agarwal’. This will differentiate your card from others.
  • Keep your people card updated: Google recommends to keep updating the information on people card. Started a new business? Add the information to the people card. Shifted to a new location? Update it. Otherwise, Google will stop showing your people card on Google searches.

How to Edit Add Me to Search or People Card on Google

You’ve published your People Card on Google and noticed there’s a typo or you’ve switched your business.

Maybe you just want to use a different description for yourself.

That’s when you’ll need to edit it.

Here’s how to edit your Add Me to Search or People Card on Google:

  1. Sign in from the same Google account that you used to create your people card
  2. Next, search edit my people card in Google.
  3. Now, you will get an edit option at the top right page.

This way, you can add or remove information from your people card.

Once done, click submit and wait a few hours to get approval on the changes.

FAQs on Google’s Add Me to Search Feature

Why can’t I add myself to the search?

Add me to search feature is only available to selected countries such as India, Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria. Make sure you belong to any of these countries, have a google account, and browse through mobile devices to add yourself to Google’s people card.

How do I find my search card?

To find yourself in the search card, just type your name in Google. It will show the card information that you have created. If you have chosen a different name then search for that name in Google.

How can people find me on Google?

People card doesn’t give any shareable links. All you need to do is ask your customers, friends, and colleagues to search for your name on Google using mobile devices.

Can we view Add Me to Search on a Desktop or is it mobile-only?

Add Me to Search feature is currently mobile-only. There’s no desktop version for the same.

Difference between Add Me to Search vs Knowledge Graph

Add me to search is a short, informal SERP feature that is available for anyone to use while Knowledge Graph is an automatic SERP feature that Google displays when you search for eminent personalities or businesses. Add Me to Search is mobile-only while Google’s Knowledge Graph is available on mobile as well as on a desktop.

Why am I not getting Google’s “Add Me to Search” feature?

If you’re not getting Google’s Add Me to Search or People Card, you might want to check if it is available in your country. You should also verify the device you’re trying to access the feature from. Since People Card is a mobile-only experience, you can access it only via a mobile device.

Summarizing Our Add Me to Search Tutorial

This was the ultimate guide to Add me to search and people card where we have covered the benefits of claiming your people card, and how to create and manage your people card.

If you have created your people card successfully, leave your name below so others and I can see you on Google.

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