9 Best WordPress GDPR Plugins for Total Compliance (For 2023)

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top 9 best WordPress GDPR Plugins
Top 9 Best WordPress GDPR Compliance Plugins list for 2023

Looking for the best WordPress GDPR plugin?

WordPress GDPR compliance is getting severe and if you ever have a single visitor from the European Union you need to abide by the law.

Apart from that, global services like AdSense require you to make sure your site is GDPR compliant to keep the account in good standing.

That’s why, we’ve compiled this list of the top 8 best GDPR compliance WordPress plugins to help you with the process of privacy policy registration, cookie policy, consent management, etc.

Let’s start!

IMPORTANT: This post is not legal advice. We’re not lawyers. Installing a plugin doesn’t guarantee that your site is 100% GDPR complaint. These are just tools to help you in the process, you need to consult an internet law attorney or a GDPR consultant to make sure you are in full compliance.

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What Is GDPR?

GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation.

Basically, GDPR is a regulation that aims to give all citizens (of the European Union (EU)) more control over their personal data and how it is processed online by bloggers, site owners, web-shop owners, and anyone who collects any sort of data from their visitors. This applies even if you’re using any WordPress alternative to build your site.

If you want to read further on the topic here is a neat resource on GDPR.

Why Do You Need a GDPR Plugin?

GDPR has already come into force as of May 25, 2018, and failing to do so can get you into a lot of trouble. You can face a penalty of $20 million or 4% of your business’ revenue.

If you have even a single visitor from the EU you need to make sure your site is GDPR compliant giving site visitors the right to know what data is collected (with their consent), how it is processed (how you share it with third-party services like Analytics etc) and the ability to erase their personal information upon request.

Let me explain…

Web analytics tools like Google Analytics collect user data. Moreover, tools like Facebook Pixel, WordPress plugins that you use, and other third-party services like heatmaps also collect user information.

If you’re using these tools and using the information to run advertising campaigns, you’ll have to first get consent from the user.

And, that’s why having a GDPR plugin is very important. A plugin by itself means that your site is GDPR compliant but helps you customize and aid the process of GDPR implementation on your website.

1 Complianz GDPR Privacy Bundle for WordPress

Complianz Privacy Suite WordPress GDPR Plugin

Complianz is a suite for WordPress that have features for GDPR & ePrivacy. The reason I’m putting this first on the list is that it also has features for US privacy legislation.

The plugin has a dashboard to generate legal documents such as a Cookie Policy, Privacy Statement, and more.

Using his GDPR cookie consent plugin, you can show a consent notification before you start tracking and collecting data.

The plugin blocks 3rd party scripts before you obtain consent from the user which is something GDPR wants.

Another great feature I love about Complianz GDPR Privacy Bundle is its cookie scan. The plugin constantly scans for changes in scripts and cookies to ensure that you’re compliant with the laws.

It also lets you optimize your cookie notification by A/B testing. The plugin supports five languages namely English, Spanish, French, German & Dutch.

The plugin costs $49 for 1 website and comes with support and updates for 1 year. But, they also offer a free version with limited features.

Here’s what you get in the free version:

  • GDPR Cookie Consent Notification
  • Cookie Policy
  • Cookie Categories with built-in Script Center or Tag Manager
  • Ready for GDPR, ePrivacy, CCPA, COPPA, and other US Privacy Laws
  • 3rd Party Script Blocking
  • Frequent Cookie Scan

2 WordPress GDPR

WordPress GDPR also has all the features required to make your website GDPR-compliant. You can erase all user data from your website with this plugin.

WordPress GDPR by welaunch WordPress Plugin

It also lets you inform users about possible data breaches. You can show a cookie consent popup notification.

The plugin is compatible with major plugins like Mailchimp, Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, BuddyPress, and more.

The plugin costs only $15 and here is the list of features you get with the WordPress GDPR plugin:

  • Cookie Consent Popup
  • Newsletter Unsubscribe
  • Data Breach Notifications
  • Erase User Data
  • Privacy Policy Update Emails
  • DMCA
  • Data Rectification
  • 10+ Integrations

3 Ultimate GDPR Compliance Toolkit

This is one of the most comprehensive GDPR plugins I’ve come across. It has almost all the features to make your website completely GDPR compliant.

Starting with the right to be forgotten, it allows users to request the deletion of all their stored data on your website.

Ultimate GDPR Compliance Toolkit WordPress GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin

The plugin also lets users access their own personal data stored on your website.

You can create a fully customizable cookies consent box for users and block all cookies until the user gives consent.

With this plugin, you can send a breach notification to your users in case a data breach happens. The plugin comes in 15 different languages.

Just like Complianz WordPress plugin, this plugin also comes with a cookie scanner that scans and lists all the cookies on your website.

But, here’s the best part of the plugin:

Many GDPR plugins show a cookie consent form to users outside of the EU. With Ultimate GDPR Compliance Toolkit, you can disable GDPR functions globally with a single click.

The plugin costs $19 and comes with the following features:

  • Personal Data Access
  • Erase User Data
  • Policy Consent
  • Cookie Consent
  • Services Consent
  • Data Breach Notification
  • Pseudonymization
  • Privacy by Design
  • Data Portability


4 The GDPR Framework

The GDPR Framework WordPress Plugin For GDPR Compliance

The GDPR Framework is simple and one of the best free WordPress GDPR plugins to make your website GDPR compliant.

Just like most of the GDPR plugins, it provides the feature for users to delete their personal data on the website. The users can even track, manage, and withdraw their consent.

It also lets you generate a GDPR-compliant privacy policy template for your website. If you’re looking for GDPR plugins for WooCommerce, this plugin’s got you covered.

Here is a quick overview of all the features available in this plugin:

  • Erase User Data
  • Lets You Track, Manage, and Withdraw Consent
  • Generate a GDPR-compatible Privacy Policy template
  • Cookie Solution
  • WooCommerce Integration

5 Total GDPR Compliance

Total GDPR Compliance is a GDPR WordPress plugin that offers some great features such as dynamic cookie control, global cookie control, and more.

With dynamic cookie control, you can enable or disable cookies for certain services. There is a list of cookies you can see in your dashboard and can control them easily.

Total GDPR Compliance WordPress Plugin

The plugin also lets you add cookie categories. There are three default categories available: Necessary, Advertising, and Marketing. You can create and add your own categories too.

Total GDPR Compliance also offers global cookie control that allows you to show/hide cookies to users outside the EU.

There are some beautiful cookie consent boxes available for you to choose from.

The plugin costs $18 and has the following features:

  • 3 Different Layouts and 30+ Cookie Templates
  • Consent for Third-Party Plugins
  • Right to User Data
  • Terms Consent Button
  • Policy Consent Button
  • Shortcode Ready
  • Fully Responsive
  • Global Cookie Control

6 GDPR Comments

This plugin lets you meet GDPR compliance requirements for comments. In case you don’t know WordPress comments also come under the scanner of GDPR and you need to ask users’ permission to store their email IDs and other information.

The plugin is very simple and adds a compliance label along with a checkbox for user consent.

GDPR Comments WordPress Plugin

GDPR Comments is a free plugin and has the following features:

  • Anonymize IPs
  • Display Compliance Label
  • Display Consent Checkbox

If you’re using Akismet, you don’t need to use this plugin since Akismet has its own GDPR management consent feature.

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7 Delete Me

This plugin lets the user delete their posts, links, and comments from your website.

The delete Me plugin works for users with specific roles and gives them the option to delete their user from the website. This deletes all their posts and links from the website. The user can choose to keep their comments.

Delete Me WordPress Plugin for GDPR data delete request

The plugin is completely free and here’s a list of features available:

  • Multi-site Network Support
  • Landing page URL
  • Select Specific WordPress Roles
  • Email Notification for User Deletion


8 iubenda Cookie Solution for GDPR

iubenda Cookie Solution for GDPR WordPress Plugin

The iubenda Cookie Solution for GDPR is another all-in-one solution to make your website meet the GDPR compliance requirements.

Its dashboard interface gives you a bird’s eye view of all your web assets and how they comply with data laws across the world.

Apart from the privacy & cookie policy generator, it offers the following features:

  • With this iubenda Cookie Solution for GDPR, you can display a privacy policy text, cookie banner, and block cookies.
  • This is the only WordPress GDPR cookie plugin that can detect over 30 cookies. This includes Google Analytics, Google Maps, Google AdSense, Facebook widgets, Twitter widgets, Outbrain, Uservoice, Freshchat, AdRoll, Bing, Pingdom, Mixpanel, Kissmetrics, and more.
  • The plugin comes in different languages including English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, and Russian.

The plugin is available for free but also comes with a pro version that costs $27 per year.

9 WPForms

GDPR compliant form builder

Not a GDPR WordPress plugin per se, but quite a helpful plugin if you deal with forms and user data collection on your site.

WPForms is the best contact form plugin for WordPress and helps you collect feedback, send emails, and sell products on your site without violating GDPR rules.

It lets you halt cookies and geo-location tracking across all your forms and helps you stop collecting and storing IP addresses and User Agent Info-related stuff on your forms.

There are actually so many other ways WPForms helps you in keeping your forms and user data collection legal and transparent (like adding a consent checkbox to your forms where you collect email addresses etc).

If you’re worried about GDPR compliance with your old form builder plugins like contact form 7 etc, WPForms has got you covered.

Read my WPForms review to see how else it can help you with efficient form management on your site.

Wrapping Up: Best WordPress GDPR Compliance Plugins

Hope you checked out our 8 best WordPress GDPR plugins.

GDPR, when it came into force last year, brought out too much fear and confusion amongst bloggers and website owners but with time these GDPR compliance plugins help you manage and get the task of GDPR implementation done easily.

What is your favorite GDPR plugin for WordPress? We tried to compile this list through extensive research and real-life usage experience by our team and us.

If you have any questions about WordPress GDPR compliance plugins, let’s discuss them in the comments below.

1. What are some lightweight GDPR plugins for WordPress in 2023?

Some lightweight GDPR plugins for WordPress include WPForms and Complianz which is lazy loaded and the 3rd party script doesn’t load unless the user consents.

2. Is using GDPR plugins a must?

Using GDPR plugins isn’t a choice anymore it is a legal compliance that most webmasters or website owners must comply with.

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