Surfer SEO Black Friday Deals 2022: [Get 30% Discount Now!]

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Are you looking for Surfer SEO Black Friday 2022 Deal?

If yes, you’ve landed on the right page. Here, we’ve disclosed all the special discounts Surfer SEO is offering for Black Friday this year.

Please click the button below to claim your deal or head over to the table to know the highlights of what’s included in the offer.

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Surfer SEO Black Friday Deal30% discount
TypeOn-page SEO optimization tool
Key FeaturesContent briefs,
content editor,
content auditing, and content planner.
AlternativesFrase, MarketMuse, Clearscope, etc.
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Surfer SEO Black Friday 2022 Deal: Up to 30% Off

Surfer SEO Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal
Surfer SEO Black Friday Cyber Monday 2022 Deal

Surfer SEO is offering a 10% discount based on its monthly plans (for the first 6 months) and 30% discount on annual plans. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing and the available discount:

Monthly Subscription (10% off for the first 6 months)

  • Basic Plan – $53.1/mo for the first 6 months
  • Pro Plan – $107.1/mo for the first 6 months
  • Business Plan – $215.1/mo for the first 6 months

Yearly Subscription – 30% off for the whole year

  • Basic Plan ($49/mo) – $34.3/mo
  • Pro Plan ($99/m) – $69.3/mo
  • Business Plan ($199/m) – $139.3/mo

Get Surfer SEO Black Friday Deal Now ››

Since Surfer is one such Black Friday Deal for bloggers & SEOs, here’s a quick guide on how to access the offer.

How to Activate Surfer SEO Black Friday 2022 Deal?

Here’s the step-by-step process to claim your Surfer Black Friday offer:

  1. Step 1: Click the special link to land on Surfer SEO’s Black Friday offer page
  2. Step 2: On the offer page, click the ‘Get 30% Off’ button
  3. Step 3: You’ll land on the pricing page. On this page, select the plan that rightly suits your budget and requirement. Remember, Surfer SEO offers a higher discount on its yearly plans. Hence make sure to get those to save more
  4. Step 4: Enter your personal and payment details and get yourself subscribed to Surfer SEO for a whopping discount

Now that you know how to access the deal, let’s see what features are included in your Surfer Black Friday & Cyber Monday offer and how you can use it to your maximum advantage.

Essential Features of Surfer SEO Black Friday Cyber Monday Offer

Surfer SEO isn’t just like another content optimization tool, it integrates with your search console and offers you deeper insights as well.

Let’s start with:

1. Content Editor: USP of Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO’s Content Editor feature helps you write SEO-optimized content from scratch.

It analyzes top-ranking SERP results against 500 ranking factors, and with the help of machine learning and NLP, offers you the most meticulous and competitive guidelines.

You can use these guidelines to help your content stand out among your competitors.

Before writing an article, feed your main keywords to the Content Editor. It does an in-depth analysis of these keywords and content already ranking on Google.

Later, the Content Editor tool provides detailed suggestions regarding:

  • Content structure
  • Headings
  • LSI & NLP keywords
  • Number of images to include
  • Target word count, and more.

To make things easier, the Content Editor provides a Content Score meter helping you gauge your content development.

When the Content Score hits green, you know you’ve written a highly optimized and topic-relevant article.

In addition, it also suggests various sections to add to your articles, like FAQs, recommended terms, AI-assisted content, etc.

Along with LSI keywords, the tool also offers NLP-based keyword suggestions. It’s not always right; however, with the AI’s help, the suggestions are getting better with time. Thus, you can target hyper-relevant keywords missed by your competitors.

On top of that, you can also share the Content Editor document with your writers. Thus, they can write content based on Surfer SEO’s recommendations.

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2. Content Audit

Surfer SEO claims that its Content Audit tool can score quick wins and find missed SEO opportunities, and we surely agree with that.

As the name suggests, it audits your current content and offers suggestions like adding important missing terms, pointers to improve the content structure, relevant internal linking, and more.

The Content Audit tool offers important insights like:

  • Content-Length
  • Page Speed improvements
  • Keyword Density
  • # of Headings
  • NLP Sentiment
  • Missing internal backlinks

Once you add the URL to Content Audit, it scans the page against various SEO recommendations.

Later, it gives a Content Score and presents multiple areas to improve your content to make it rank higher on Google and other search engines.

3. Content Planner

The Content Planner tool is very straightforward to use. Based on your primary keyword or niche, it offers various topic suggestions to write an article.

It identifies the search intent and clubs these topics accordingly. For example, ‘best lawyer’ and ‘best attorney’ may be different terms; however, Google sees them as one and ranks them interchangeably.

As a result, Content Planner helps group these similar-looking keyword types that may not be most obvious to us.

Thus, writing on these topics on your blog helps improve your blog’s topical authority and rank among established media giants.

Each topic suggestion includes dozens of sub-keywords and LSI keywords to use within the content. You add all these keyword suggestions to the Content Editor and start writing an article straightaway.

4. Grow Flow

Grow Flow is a fairly new yet extremely useful feature within Surfer SEO. It is an AI-based assistant that creates weekly tasks for you.

Currently, it offers suggestions like:

  • Adding new and relevant keywords to existing articles
  • Suggesting internal link opportunities
  • New keywords to target based on your site’s content

For Grow Flow to work, it needs access to your Google Search Console account. Plus, the best part is that the feature is available within the free plan too.

5. Surfer x WordPress Integration

Surfer SEO’s WordPress integration plugin ensures the content and formatting look similar on your WordPress site as it did within the Content Editor.

It saves countless formatting hours you’d spend after copy-pasting the content from the Content Editor to the WordPress post.

To make it work, install the Surfer WordPress plugin, connect your Surfer SEO account with the WordPress site and publish straight to your WordPress site from the Content Editor.

Furthermore, you can also import already published articles on your WordPress site into Surfer SEO’s Content Editor. Later, optimize these existing articles based on Content Editor’s suggestions and see the changes live on your WordPress posts

6. Surfer SEO’s Google Docs Integration

Like me, if you prefer writing your articles in Google Docs. In that case, Surfer SEO has got your back.

Surfer SEO’s Google Docs integration brings the magic of Content Editor into your favorite online document editor.

The UI looks very similar on Google Docs; hence, you won’t any issues when switching from Content Editor to Google Docs.

Get Surfer SEO Black Friday Deal Now ››

Surfer SEO’s Black Friday Pricing Review

Here’s a breakdown of Surfer SEO pricing:

Yearly Subscription:

PlanRegular PriceBlack Friday PriceDiscount
Basic Plan$59/m$49/m30% off
Pro Plan$119/m$99/m30% off
Business Plan$239/m$199/m30% off

For example, if you choose to purchase the basic monthly plan then you will have to pay ($59 * 12) = $708 per year.

On the other hand, if you choose the black Friday deal and the annual plan, you will need to pay only ($34.3 * 12) = $411.6 per year.

That means you are going to save $296.4 per year on Surfer SEO tool.

Basic Plan – Ideal for beginners

  • Add & track 1 website
  • Add & track unlimited early-stage websites
  • Get new SEO insights every 7 days
  • Content Editor quota: 10 articles/month
  • Page Audit quota: 20 pages/month
  • Invite 1 team member

Pro Plan – Best suited for bloggers and businesses with multiple websites

  • Add & track 5 website
  • Add & track unlimited early-stage websites
  • Get new SEO insights every 7 days
  • Content Editor quota: 30 articles/month
  • Page Audit quota: 60 pages/month
  • Invite 3 team member
  • NLP enhanced guidelines

Business Plan – Ideal for medium to large businesses and agencies

  • Add & track 10 website
  • Add & track unlimited early-stage websites
  • Get new SEO insights every 7 days
  • Content Editor quota: 70 articles/month
  • Page Audit quota: 140 pages/month
  • Invite 10 team member
  • White labeling
  • API access
  • Dedicated backlink building and metric reports

Surfer also has a generous free plan, so if you want to try the tool out, you could do it for free here.

Pros & Cons of Surfer SEO


  • Multi-language support
  • Content Editor tool offers in-depth analysis; plus, you can share the document with freelancers writers
  • Saves time when compared to manual research
  • Clean user interface
  • Built-in topic research and keyword research tools
  • Content optimized through Surfer SEO has better chances of ranking on Google than manual optimization
  • An in-depth content audit tool
  • Offers several useful free tools and Chrome extensions


  • The Basic plan has restrictive features
  • Poor keyword research tool
  • Additional charges for NLP features in the Basic plan

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Surfer SEO Black Friday Deals FAQs

What is surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO is a web-based SEO tool that helps you create research-driven content outlines and analyze your pages with top-ranking results.

How does Surfer SEO work?

Surfer SEO uses NLP API to analyze the top-ranking pages and their frequently used entities. Also, it compares your page against the competitors and suggests related topics and entities in order to improve topical relevance.

Does Surfer SEO offer lifetime deals?

No, Surfer SEO does not offer any lifetime deal. However, if you want a black Friday deal of a 30% discount, check out our guide and activate your deal instantly.

What are alternatives to Surfer SEO?

Frase, Marketmuse, and Clearscope are common alternatives to Surfer SEO tools with similar features, such as content outline creation, analyzing top-ranking pages, and content editor.


Surfer SEO is an excellent tool for people who don’t want to spend countless hours optimizing their content.

With this tool, you can optimize your content within minutes and watch your articles rank higher on Google.

Let me know your thoughts about Surfer SEO in the comment section below or click the button below to grab your Surfer Black Friday offer.

Get Surfer SEO Black Friday Deal Now ››

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