WPForms Black Friday Deals 2022: [Up to 70% Discount Now!]

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Looking for WPForms Black Friday Deal?

With over 2M+ users around the world, WPForms is a great choice for a powerful form builder. The drag and drop form builder is easily the most powerful yet easy to use form plugin for WordPress.

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WPForms Black Friday DealsUp to 70% Off
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Key FeaturesDrag and drop builder, spam protection, file uploading options, geolocation data, and more.
WPForms Black Friday Deal Start FromNov 21, 2022
WPForms Black Friday Deal Ends onNov 25, 2022
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WPForms Black Friday 2022 Deal: Up to 70% OFF

WPForms Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal
WPForms Black Friday Cyber Monday 2022 Deal

How to Get WPForms Black Friday Deal in 2022?

Here are the steps to get WPForms Black Friday deal:

  1. Step 1: Click on this WPForms special link after which you’ll be taken to the offer page of WPForms.
  2. Step 2: Select the package that fits your business.
  3. Step 3: Lastly, after selecting the plan you’ll be immediately redirected to the payments page. In there, fill in the required details and proceed the payment.

Benefits of WPForms: More Details

While WPForms is essentially a contact form plugin it has evolved over the years to manage and take your workload of lead generation, payment processing and much more off your shoulders.

Let’s have a bird’s eye view of the tool and in case you want a detailed analysis, I’ve written a detailed review of WPForms usage too.

1) Drag & Drop Form Builder

The drag & drop builder from WPForms helps you create elegant looking contact forms, subscription forms, and various other forms in under 5 minutes. Moreover, every form you create in the software is 100% mobile responsive. Furthermore, you also have pre-made templates which you can use directly instead of starting from scratch.

2) Smart Conditional Logic

With the smart conditional logic feature, you can create dynamic fields that will only show up when the users fill up a particular form field. You can choose either to show or hide a form field. With this feature, you can create smart forms and get the data from your users strategically. Best of all, you don’t need to know a single line of code to make this happen.

3) Instant Notifications

With the brilliant instant notifications feature whenever if someone fills out a form WPForms will immediately notify you about the activity. With this, you can always remain active in replying to important queries for your business. Opportunities are endless; you can get a client inquiry, advertising query or a collaboration request.

4) File Uploads

The file upload feature makes it handy for your users to attach a file while filling out the form. While creating your forms in the drag & drop editor, you need to tick mark the file upload checkbox and you’re done. The best part is, you can directly view the file in your WordPress dashboard.

5) Entry Management

The entry management feature will save you a lot of time in managing all the data from the forms. Right from your WordPress dashboard you can bifurcate your leads and even delete the unnecessary ones. In the case of multiple forms, you can sort the entry of each form to make things easier for you.

6) Spam Protection

Spammers and bots massively target online forms and that is when the spam protection feature comes into the picture. WPForms uses the honeypot and CAPTCHA technologies to stop the spam without disturbing the user experience.

7) User Registration

If you run a membership or contributor website where people visit your website and create accounts to log in to your website, you will love the user registration feature. You can create a user registration form right from WPForms and well, you can also assign them the type of roles like admin, author or subscriber. Moreover, you can integrate email marketing tools like Aweber, Mailchimp and Drip to directly put these users into your email list.

8) Additional Add-ons

To make things simpler, you get access to important add-ons like PayPal and Stripe to receive payments or donations. Apart from that, you also get additional email marketing add-ons like Aweber, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Drip, Getresponse, and Constant Contact to import the list of contacts directly without barring any further pain.

9) Geolocation Data

With the geolocation feature, you can get the data on where a particular user is filling out the form. You can get a user’s country, state and city information with which you can understand where are your majority leads coming from. This will help you refine your future strategy to acquire leads.

10) Form Locker

You can create various types of advanced forms like password protected forms, limit one entry per person, restrict the forms for members only, and limit the number of total submissions. This gives you full control on who can fill out the forms and also keep spammers and bots away from doing mass spam.

11) Offline Forms

Imagine if a hot lead is filling out the form and suddenly they face some issue with the Internet. Do you think they’ll ever revisit you? Not really. Well, that is when the offline form features from WPForms saves you where you can create forms that work without the Internet so that your leads don’t have any excuses left.

12) Surveys & Polls

Online surveys and polls is a stellar way to get valuable feedback. Well, with WPForms you can create professional looking survey forms within minutes without having any coding knowledge. In your surveys, you can add likert scale, rating and net promoter scores and many more exciting elements.

13) Detailed Reporting

What’s the point of running campaigns and experimenting with different form elements when you can’t measure the results those campaigns generated? Not anymore as with WPForms as you get detailed reports and analytics data to see exactly which forms are performing better and which ones are failing miserably. Best of all, you can check all the data right in your WordPress dashboard.

WPForms Black Friday Pricing

The pricing structure of WPForms is divided into four plans:

1) Basic Plan

The WPForms Basic plan starts at just $49.50 per year and is ideal for small bloggers and personal branding experts who are looking to collect leads via a simple option form.

If I talk about the features, you get unlimited forms and entries, spam protection, multiple page forms, form templates and plenty of other excellent features. Apart from that, you also get a full one year of premium support and updates on the software. The basic plan can be used for only one site.

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2) Plus Plan

The Plus plan is an advanced version of the Basic plan. The plan comes at $99.50 per year and is perfect for small to medium-sized agencies and online businesses who want to increase their reach through email marketing.

Regarding the features included in the plan, you get everything from the Basic plan plus access to three sites and additional integrations with MailChimp, Drip, Aweber etc.

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3) Pro Plan

The Pro plan is the hottest selling plan by WPForms. The plan starts just at $199.50/mo. This plan has fantastic features bundled with it like the integration with PayPal, Stripe & Zapier, form locker, offline forms, geo-location forms plus everything included from the Pro plan.

You also get priority support from the team and you can use the plugin on twenty websites. The plan is ideal for anyone who is already killing in their online business and planning to scale it up even more.

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4) Elite Plan

The last plan in the list is the Elite plan which comes at $299.99/yr. The plan is perfect for large agencies and developers who majorly focus on lead generation for their business. Features like unlimited sites, client management, and WordPress multi-site support is nail-biting. You can host unlimited number of sites in the Elite plan.

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The WPForms Black Friday Sale 2022 is a one time offer which you get at a massive discount. The codes are limited so make sure you take the leap of faith and lock in your yearly WPForms plan with these discounts.

Meanwhile, if you have any queries regarding WPForms Black Friday Discount Coupon 2022, don’t forget to drop a comment down below and let us know.

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FAQs on WPForms Black Friday 2022 Deal

1. What is WPForms for?

WPForms is a WordPress plugin used to build contact form, accept payments, add newsletter widgets and much more to your websites. All this using their drag and drop interface with zero coding skills required.

2. Is WPForms free?

No, WPForms is not free. The basic plan starts from $49.50 per year to start with. You can however, use their free WordPress plugin to add basic contact forms on your website.

3. Does WPForms offer a free trial?

WPForms doesn’t offer a free trial. You can, however, use this WPForms Black Friday deal to save some bucks on your purchase and they come with a no-risk 14 day refund policy. So, in a way, they offer a 14 day trial.

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