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[*LIVE] OptinMonster Black Friday Deals & Max Discount Coupon 2017

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If you're looking for the maximum OptinMonster discount on Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal, you can grab it here!


As a blogger, you must get your hands on email marketing.  Building a list is the best way to earn passive income from your audience without spending a dime on advertisement.

Yeah, having a small, but targeted email list brings you better profit than a million page views. The way you present your optin forms decides the rate of email collection.

And, that’s where you need OptinMonster. No, it’s not email marketing software. Instead, it helps you present your opt-in forms in way that boosts your signup rates and brings more subscribers.

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OptinMonster Usage Case Studies:

  • How SocialMediaExaminer.com used OptinMonster to collect 250,000 email subscribers [read case study here]
  • How Win In Health used OptinMonster to increase reveneue by 300% [read case study here].

Benefits of Using OptinMonster as your email list builder plugin

I know you may be using a free email marketing plugin. So you think, ‘why the heck do I go for a paid one?’. The following section gives the answer. These are the reasons I, including millions of other professional bloggers chose OptinMonster for collecting emails.

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OptinMonster is multi-platform complaint and you can use it with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and whatever your CMS is!

#1. Multiple Opt-in Types

The placement of your opt-in forms plays a pivotal role in collecting emails. Sometimes, in-line forms perform well whereas some other times, you have to trigger a pop-up at the right time to gather the maximum number of email addresses.

OptinMonster has got about seven different types of opt-in types. They are

  • Lightbox
  • Exit-Intent
  • Slide-In
  • Sidebar
  • Floating Bar
  • Mobile
  • After Post / In-Line
  • Fullscreen

#2. Exit Intent Technology

You might have seen those forms that become visible when you move the mouse pointer towards the close button of browser tabs. This technology is called exit intent. And OptinMosnter helps you build some of the best exit popups.

Displaying a pop-up at the right time brings good results. OptinMonster actually started this technology and since then, it has been copied by other WordPress email marketing plugins. You can set it up like breeze as well.

This technology can also be used to display something interesting (along with the opt-in form) to make the leaving visitor stick to your site. This way you don’t annoy your visitors with a popup when they are still reading your blog and only show them the offer when they are about to leave. Check out this post to see why exit intent technology is so effective in bringing more leads.

#3. Page Level Targeting

Triggering opt-ins on the right context brings you the best results. Suppose a visitor is reading a post on increasing the organic traffic. Then, a personalized opt-in that offers an e-book on the same topic works better than a general subscription form.

I just pointed out an example. For this customized display of forms, you must use of page level targeting feature of OptinMonster.

Once you start using this feature, you will see a huge improvement in the number of emails you get.

#4. A/B Split Testing

You shouldn’t believe everything you hear. What works for others might not work for you and vice versa.  You have to experiment yourself to find out the one that works well for you. While this is not compulsory to do but if you have the time and effort to increase your revenue by split testing or multivariate testing you can do by following this guide.

Individual comparison of different styles and formats take one heck of your time and effort. But you can decrease both by A/B split testing. Based on the performance, OptinMonster will give you the winner. So that you can use it to boost more sales!

A/B split testing is a method in which you add two or more variations of the same thing to decide which one works well.

#5. Monster Links

Like how you get a popup when clicking on a text link or image inside a post? This is called monster links. Sometimes, you have to turn a particular text or an image on your site into an opt-in triggering link. OptinMonster’s that unique feature is called monster links.

It will transform the given text/image to a two-step opt-in. Mark my words! People who use Monster Links will be an asset to your links. They will give you the maximum conversion rate.

Here’s Your OptinMonster Cyber Monday Discount Coupon 2016?

In this section, you are going to read how to use the OptinMonster discount code.

Step 1: To get our exclusive discount, you have to click on the button given below.

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Step 2: Click on “Get OptinMoster Now” button. This will take you to the pricing page. I recommend you go with the annual plan because it, combined with our discount brings the price down to the cheapest.


Step 3: Now, you will reach the checkout page where everyone should fill a form with basic details like name, email, password etc.

On the bottom of the page, you must provide payment details as well.

There you go!

Download the WP plugin if you want and, start building your profitable list right away.

Wrapping Up

Hope you got the best Black Friday/Cyber Monday discount deals on OptinMonster. Grab the deals before they are gone for a whole long year until the next season!

Once you purchase a plan, don’t forget to use the service to its fullest. I consider page level targeting as the best feature of OptinMonster. You can display custom messages on particular pages and, trigger personalized forms as well. Use it to display product discount links pointing to your affiliate ID to make some real money.

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If you're looking for the maximum OptinMonster discount on Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal, you can grab it here!
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