Hide My IP Review 2022: Is it Worth it?

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Hide My IP Review
Hide My IP VPN Review 2012

Here’s my unbiased Hide My IP review…

…but before that, did you ever wonder why that product ad follows you from your email client to your favorite blog, and you again find the same ad on your social network too?

The truth is that while you searched for the product online, the Google and other search bots scrapped your IP address (and through it all your personal data and preferences too) and displayed the ads for you. No matter how embarrassing it would be for you when your private search gets revealed in front of others.

Hide-My-IP Review 2012

Hide My IP is an efficient privacy protection tool that you can use to keep your online credentials safe and prvate I regularly use Hide My IP to safely browse the internet and access certail internet videos and sites that are otherwise blocked for access.

After my Hide My IP review, I found it is totally worth the price and by far the best VPN service I’ve ever used.

Well, what if I told you that along with search bots there are eRobbers and hackers who always are in a lookout to access your personal information swipe your credit cards clean?

Today when we are extremely dependent on internet we have put a risk on our personal information too. One wrong move and our digital footprints will cost us our privacy and money.

That is why I looked online for a tool that would help me do everything on the internet anonymously. After days of toil, I ended up finding a tool that is my hot favorite now. And today I am presenting the unbiased Hide My IP review here on my blog.

Yes it is Hide My IP , your online security guard and privacy protector. It is by far the best private proxy and VPN tool I have used. I was amazed they provide a free trial of 14 days which is very good if you want to try the service before using it.

Here is what I found out by personally using the service:

How Hide My IP works?

Hide My IP works with a simple formula that shows that it moderates your browser’s proxy settings to change the IP address of yours to a fake one. This relay IP is generated randomly and has no trace of your credentials online.

What it means is that you can now browse anonymously without the fear of your web preferences showing up elsewhere. Hide my IP also protects businesses and bloggers who always spent innumerable hours on the web either researching or doing transactions.

When researching through sites that are banned on your country, hide my IP helps you in this. It allows you to access the site by bypassing the security check as it generates a new fake IP for you.

Hide MY IP restores the default IP of your PC back after you stop using the service. This is when your real IP address is shown again.

For this all you have to do is to download the Hide My IP software (which is free) and install it on your computer. After that you can set it to launch on startup and it will show you a popup that has your real IP address and a hint that you are not using a fake one.

If you want to use a fake one or an IP address of any particular country like USA, you can also alter the settings.

You can in fact choose from over 70 different P locations to access any site in the world and that too without risking your online privacy.

Hide My IP features: Why Bloggers and online marketers should use it?

1) More control over your web browsing:

Hide My IP as I said provides you over 70 different IP locations which are more than enough more a blogger to research his blog posts without any restrictions.

With Hide My IP you get to view YouTube videos banned in your country and other sensitive documentaries that you can later write about on your research articles. This will give you in-depth and well researched articles that would increase your authority.

2) Online safety of sensitive data:

Mostly using blogs and having accounts on almost every social media platform makes bloggers and content marketers more prone to hackers and phishers. Their online security is at risk and at this time you need a tool that will actually let you browse your professional sites without fear of getting hacked.

3) Rotate your IP address every time interval:

Hide my IP comes with a feature that allows you to auto-rotate your IP address at regular intervals to a minimum of 1 minute. This is pretty useful when you want to get a specific number of impressions on specific posts or videos views.

4) Send anonymous emails:

When you are sending mass emails to certain groups of people like for an event or a webinar, you might not want to risk your own security to that many number of people who you know professionally and not personally. This is where you get the work done by Hide My IP. It allows you to send anonymous emails.

5) Control third party monitoring:

As marketers you need to be very careful as to who is monitoring your online activity. You wouldn’t want a competitor to know about your secret niche blogs and research processes.

Customer service:

Being online marketers there is no big a currency as time. This is what Hide My IP team knows. During my trail process, I actually got confused and messed up things a bit. Their team was prompt to communicate and respond to my query. This is what is expected from a service we put our money on. They have toll free customer care which is active money through Friday from 9am to 6pm PST.

Concluding Hide My IP Review 2022: My verdict

I think Hide My IP is worth the try. It would make you feel so light by removing the burden of being monitored so that you would concentrate only on your online business. Try out the best private proxy and VPN tool around. You can thank me later!

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5 thoughts on “Hide My IP Review 2022: Is it Worth it?”

  1. Arbaz Khan

    Great review, man!
    I have been using HideMyIP software from the past few weeks and it is extremely easy to use. You can change your IP address with a single click and the way it allows you to choose the location of the server is simply amazing.
    I really like the software because it helps me surf the Internet anonymously.

  2. Ethan

    is really worthy thanks for review but can you tell me that what is the major difference in free and paid version. If i used only paid version how many IP they will be provided me or charges rate if i wish to switch to paid version

    • Swadhin Agrawal

      Hi Ethan,
      The paid version costs only a bit (approx 7$) as compared to the features they offer. You can choose your IP address based n most USA, UK countries.
      There are over 75 premium IP addresses in their reserve. here are some of the additional perks you get for joining the premium veriosn:
      Enjoy faster surfing and downloading with Premium IPs. Check out more here: https://www.digitalgyd.com/hidemyip
      All Premium IPs are based in the US, UK, Canada, Singapore, Germany, and more.
      Full support for encrypted HTTPS/SSL pages.
      No bandwidth limits.
      Bypass firewalls while remaining anonymous.
      Use with software such as Windows Mail, Skype, games, and more!
      Prevent third-party monitoring or controlling your web browsing.
      Hide your web traffic from your ISP.
      More info here: https://www.digitalgyd.com/hidemyip

  3. Rohan Chaubey

    Hi Swadhin,

    Your opening post intro was so relatable. One day I shopped something on Amazon[dot]com and when I visited other sites the Ads showed up the same products which I was looking for. I was amazed for a while and later I realized that all our actions are carefully monitored and that is how potential customers are re-targeted.

    For some reasons I was not able to access that Hide-my-IP’s official website. It showed me an error saying the website is offline. I will check the site tomorrow again. :)

    Privacy is surely one of the main concern these days with the advent of notable use of online transactions and other similar things.

    Wow! That would allow us to view the YouTube videos that are blocked for our country. Bravo! I always wanted to catch the full episodes of Big Brother Israel. Lol… :P

    This tool/service brings a great relief to the bloggers and marketers I bet. No matter if the product is easy or difficult to use, a great customer support team makes the user experience so much better.

    Loved the review rating box. The rating seems to be honest and I know I can trust you blindly. :)

    Thanks for sharing this privacy protection tool with us. Will definitely share this with my twitter friends. :)
    ~ Rohan Chaubey.

  4. Mohd Arif

    Hi Swadhin,

    I use Hide my IP software, this is best software for privacy protection, these day if we not use privacy into my network then any time any one can track our system information, which is not good.. this software is cheap and fast anonymous service provider. great work Swadhin

    Mohd Arif

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