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Free English Grammar test online

Looking for the Best English Grammar Test Online?

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free online English quiz and answers

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What Can Your Grammar Test Results Reveal to You?

Our grammar quiz has a number of grammar testing questions that puts your English skills into test. When you complete the assessment, you know exactly how good your vocabulary is, and where you are lacking in terms of tenses, punctuation, English grammar rules etc.

​This is beneficial to know how well do you understand English and how you can improve it. You also get free personalized (tailored for you) tips and tools to sharpen your skills to get better grades.

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The first time I took a grammar test online, I thought there was something wrong with me

Swadhin Agrawal | July 8th, 2018

What if there was a magic formula to correct all your grammar mistakes in real-time?

​Check all your 400+ grammar and punctuation errors: No problem.

Help you in ending the confusion of comma splices and apostrophes: Absolutely

Sentence rephrase and plagiarism checker for your essay/paper/blog post: Yup!

Contrary to what you think, there is a tool that automatically sits on your browser, checks whatever you write in real-time (may-that-be in MS Word, emails, Facebook, LinkedIn, online document writers or your blog editor).​

The best of all, it’s free!


My name is Swadhin Agrawal and like you I too had a phase when all I thought about was writing grammatically correct papers, placing comma’s at the right places and tenses always got me tensed.

That was the time when I thought things need to change.

At Grammar Test Online, we work towards helping you test your grammar skills by walking you through our free online Grammar quiz.

Not only that, we also have a blog section that talks about common grammar mistakes and how to avoid those.

Along with tips and grammar PDFs about improving your English vocabulary and writing skills step-by-step.

We also have designed a number of Grammar tools like free grammar and punctuation checker tools, ​online & free proofreader tools, best plagiarism checkers to name a few. All for free!

Want to get access to Grammarly (our free grammar and punctuation checker tool)?

Just click the button below and download the free chrome extension and improve your writing, instantly!

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(20,763+ downloads….and counting!)

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