Finally DigitalGYD has migrated to a better blogging platform - Wordpress. - DigitalGYD

Finally DigitalGYD has migrated to a better blogging platform – WordPress.

Hello Friends,

This is the moment I had been waiting since weeks..and finally shifted to WP a.k.a. WordPress.
There is nothing better than having a blog that you OWN and have full control over it.

Like most other bloggers out there I too started on blogger platform (reason- It was free). And there is nothing worse that a thing that is free. I was lucky to have migrated early so that I didn’t face much damage except to edit hundreds of comments where my own comments are placed as visitor comment because I used blogger profile then.

This whole process was a not-so-easy one for me specially because I was a non technical guy and obviously new to the platform that is way much matured that Google’s blogger platform. I could literally not have been able to do with the process Had I been not assisted by Atish Ranjan Bro Of . In fact it was he who did everything behind the scene and made the process smoother than butter. :) He did as much as handling my PC via team-viewer (though we are nearly 1000kms away) so that I could install WordPress on my domain. I know these steps might be a small step for most of you reading this but for a guy like me – who is more on the writing side its a mountain to be covered.

Thank you would be too small a word for him.

Now looking forward to editing the errors and small corrections on the blog and then do some most essential steps that are a must after the installation.

Thank you everyone please bear with the errors in links if any . Will fix them soon.

This article was first written on August 25th. 2014.

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