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UPDATE: I am currently not accepting any guest post pitches on my blog. Free free to bookmark this page and check back again for the opportunity. Thank you!
Guest Post Guidelines DigitalGYD.com

Hi there,

I welcome you to the elite team of “ DigitalGYD.com Contributors ”. Here are some simple yet important rules that you must follow to get your blog post approved quickly.

  1. Rule #1, guest posts on DigitalGYD won’t have any dofollow backlinks to any of your websites. This is to deter pitchers who just want to be here to get a link back. There are a ton of other awesome sites to build backlinks safely and I wish you all the luck to find them. Beside this, there are tons of ways to benefit from guest posts and if you want those benefits, continue reading to know how you can write for the DigitalGYD blog.
  2. Write on a topic that is related to this blog.
  3. Cover the topic in detail and have something valuable as takeaway.
  4. Make sure the post is at least of 2500-3000 words. Do not make it any longer than 3000 words.
  5. Do not make the post promotional – about yourself, your product, service, or blog.
  6. Submit new and original ideas/post.
  7. Do not pitch lists posts like 10 ways to overcome or top 10 tools etc. To be brutally honest, these posts are dime a dozen on the internet and repeat the same damn thing. There are awesome blogs that love to publish list posts, you can try them instead.
  8. I would love if you pitch something that gives some SEO traffic to me. Not that I don’t have it, but I want your guest post to be a win-win for both of us. Unless you have a keyword-oriented post or a post that speaks about an awesome topic, it will not see sunlight after the week it is published. So it is better to write something that brings traffic and is constantly viewed rather than getting dumped into the archives. This way you will also get continuous exposure all the year round. 
  9. Your content should pass all tests for plagiarism and respect copyrights of the content.
  10. Ensure the post is well-written in simple English, grammatically correct, and formatted as per our specifications. #TIP: Use Grammarly (free) to stay on the top of the game or read my Grammarly review to know more.
  11. Avoid including any affiliate links, irrelevant links, and more than three contextual/related (outbound but authority and not your blog) links.
  12. Send links of free images that go with the post, your author bio, and your Gravatar email address.
  13. Reply to all the comments to your guest post and publicly promote it to your social media followers.
  14. DigitalGYD.com holds all rights to the published posts that can be modified, altered or deleted without notice.
  15. Include the phrase “ethereal” in your pitch. This means nothing special for the pitch but will do enough to cut short the spam I receive everyday. And show you’ve read all the rules correctly.
  16. You are responsible for all copyright free images, ideally make one using an online tool like canva.com.
  17. Links to your blog (the link has to be a necessary one and not fitted into the article for the sake of SEO gain. If the post doesn’t require that link, I have the right to remove it without notice ) can include once (nofollowed) in the whole of the article body and a nofollowed link in the article author bio. Also, include links to social media channels (at most 3). Include a author bio of not more than 50 (not-over-promotional) words.

So, that’s it! :D

Waiting to see you on the other side.

For any queries, contact me.

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