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10 Cutting-edge WordPress Alternatives To Try For Your Next Project

Top 10 WordPress Competitors and Alternatives

Alternatives to WordPress

Looking for WordPress alternatives?

In this article, you’ll discover 10 of the best WordPress competitor platforms that are definitely worth your try.

WordPress powers a whopping 60% of all websites, which also means that the remaining 40% of the Content Management System (CMS) market shares goes to the popular alternatives to WordPress.

So, if you’re looking for some fresh CMS or simply alternative blogging platforms, you should definitely try any of the following. Continue reading →

Elegant Themes Review 2018: Don’t Buy Before Reading this! [Honest]

Overall ratings

Elegant Themes Review 2018 (Unbiased)

To summarize the review, Elegant Themes is a modern, value for money WordPress Theme Shop. They have a variety of themes that fits any niche like fashion blog themes, professional business themes and even a versatile DIVI builder to design from scratch.

Elegant themes are SEO-optimized, cleanly coded, come with drag & drop builders and can be customized easily by non-coders. For only $89 you get access to 87 premium themes along with bloom (email popup and content upgrade plugin) and monarch social sharing plugins.

In this Elegant Themes review we'll see why they are the most used themes, how they can help you and everything else, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Keep reading to know all of that plus avail some discount goodies!

This post is recently updated on 19th November, 2017.

Isn’t your blog your virtual office?

If that’s a yes, then why not make it branded and conversion-optimized.

Your blog design is the first thing that your visitors notice and it should tell your brand story clearly.

But, isn’t beautifully designed blogs and conversion optimized pages a costly affair or a thing of the code-savvy?

That’s where you need nothing but the best WordPress blog theme that is super-affordable, has the trust of 437,821 satisfied users and comes as a complete package including a email optin building (to grow your list) and a social sharing plugin (to boost social traffic) all for less than $89.

Yep that’s right!

But before that, let’s have an honest review of Elegant themes because you need to know the waters before you get your foot in, right?

In this post, you’ll find this Elegant Themes Review very useful since it is unbiased and honest. So let’s see if Elegant Themes is worth your investment.
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How to build SEO friendly backlinks safely 2018 [10 New & Updated Strategies]

How to build backlinks safely? 10 backlinking strategies to create quality backlinks

How to create safe and SEO friendly backlinks to your website or blog?

SEO is a ubiquitous term in online world because of its significance in online businesses. SEO, stands for Search Engine Optimization, is a process which includes multiple strategies to improve a website’s visibility in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

Backlinks are the building blocks of  SEO. Backlinks are simply the incoming links (also known as IBLs) from any other website or blog.

If your website has a huge number quality IBLs (Inbound Links) from good websites then there are more chances that your site performs well in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Let’s understand this with an example,

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Grammarly Review: How It Can Help You Write Better & Smart

Grammarly Review 2018:  Best Grammar and Punctuation Checker tool online? Let's see!

Grammarly Review 2018: Hands-on Review Plus Grammarly Coupons

Have you ever published a blog post or submitted your academic project only to find spelling mistakes and punctuation errors screaming to sink you below the earth?

This is even worse if English is your second language (like me!) or you are a busy business person with lots of more important work to do that to learn grammar all over again.

However, there are tons of great hacks for checking spelling, grammar, punctuation online. And today, I’ll introduce one such revolutionary tool (Grammarly, it is) that can help you write faster and better without having to worry about comma placements or even plagiarism.

Today, we’ll review Grammarly, which is yet another revolution in terms of writing better and correct English. It also has an inbuilt plagiarism checker and one of the best online proofreader tool which have rave reviews, but let’s not take that for granted.

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