51 Wix Statistics: Number of Customers, Market Share in 2022

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What is Wix website builder?

Wix is a popular content management system (CMS) and website builder that you can use to create websites for blogging or business easily.

With a litany of pre-designed templates and helpful tools in its library, Wix allows you to easily build and sell via your website.

The platform is scalable, beginner-friendly, and ideal for every online business type, from personal blogs to small business websites.

That said, below are some of the fascinating statistics about Wix that will give you a better insight into this incredible website builder.

How many people use Wix: Wix number of customers
How many people use Wix (number of customers)

Wix usage statistics 2022

Here’s a list of 34 eye-opening Wix statistics for 2022:

1. Wix, the free and newbie-friendly website builder, was launched in 2006.

2. There are 367,024 premium Wix-based sites in the world today, 120,970 of which are based in the United States.

Wix usage statistics based on top countries.

5. More than 44,000 apps are downloaded from the Wix App Market per day.

6. Wix reached 1 million users in 2009, 10 million users in 2011, 50 million users in 2014, and 200 million users editor x launched in 2021.

7. About 332,000 e-commerce websites are currently using Wix.

8. 45,000 new people join Wix on a daily basis.

9. Wix currently gets over 56.31 million visitors per month.

10. Wix’s market share in the CMS market is currently 1.7%, which is 0.1% higher than November 2019.

cms market share analysis

11. Wix currently powers more than 3.8 million websites in the world.

12. Wix is the 2nd most popular website builder for the top 10k websites on the web today.

website builder usage distribution

13. 11% of brands that use simple website building technologies prefer Wix to other CMS platforms.

websites using simple website designer

14. Wix added 132,000 premium users in the 2nd quarter of 2019.

15. Wix generated a revenue of 761 million in 2019.

16. Wix is currently available in 30 languages across the globe.

17. over 5100 employees are working in Wix, as per the annual report.

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Wix revenue statistics 

1. In the first quarter of 2021, a total of 7.5 million new users joined the Wix platform, which helped generate a total of $35.6 million.

2. 43% of Wix’s revenue comes from outside of North America

3. Here’s the revenue of Wix (2020 annual report) by geography:

  • North America (57% of revenue)
  • Europe (26% of revenue)
  • Latin America (5% of revenue)
  • And, 12% of total revenue comes from Asia and other areas.

Wix website statistics

1. 24.16% of wix.com traffic comes from searches.

2. Wix (31.03%), Wix login (3.17%), Wix.xom (0.94%), Wixsite (0.87%), Wix Website (0.76%) are the 5 most searched organic Wix keywords.

3. 24.30% of the search engine traffic comes from paid searches.

4. Wix users created 28 million mobile websites in 2017, making Wix one of the world’s largest mobile website development solutions.

5. There are more than 500 pre-designed Wix templates available for users.

6. About 44,000 Wix apps are installed by users every day on the internet.

7. Wix is currently the 5th most widely used Content Management System (CMS) on the internet.

8. The number of total registered users on Wix is more than 204 million.

9. The United States (120,912 websites), United Kingdom (22,631), and Canada (17,076 websites) are the top three countries where Wix websites are used.

10. At least 4,565,423 live websites on the internet are using Wix as a CMS. In addition, there are 38,844 websites built on Wix that are redirects.

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General Wix statistics

1. There are currently more than 500 industry-specific Wix templates available for users.

2. Wix went public in November 2013.

3. When it went public in 2013, Wix sold 7.7 million shares at $16.50 each, raising $127 million in one day.

4. Wix currently has more than 3000 employees in 10 countries (Israel, United States, Lithuania, Germany, Brazil, Ukraine, Ireland, India, Japan, and Canada).

5. Wix reached 1 million users in 2009 and hit 150 million users ten years later.

wix timeline

6. Wix reached $100 per share in 2017 – and its market cap was estimated to be $4.5 billion.

7. Wix had below 300,000 premium customers in 2011.

8. Wix had a 2.5 million premium user-base in 2017.

9. Wix had 4.2 million premium subscribers in the first quarter of 2019, a 21% rise over the number of paid users at the end of the Q1 of 2018.

10. Wix added another 132,000 premium users in the 2nd quarter of 2019, making it a total of 4.3 million paid subscribers, Wix’s quarterly report.

11. Wix generated a total of $989 million in revenue in 2020.

12. In 2017, WIX acquired an online community for artists and designers (DeviantArt) for $36 million.

13. Wix has a total of 4.499 million paid subscribers.

14. Wix has an online marketplace known as the “Wix Arena.”

15. More than 50% of the people working on Wix focus on research and development.

16. The Wix App Market has more than 300 popular web applications.

17. Over 340k users on Wix build sites for others as a professional service, an untapped market for the company, as per stakeholder report.

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Wix is arguably one of the best (if not the best) free website builders on the internet today, with lots of impressive features.

Whether you want to build a personal online portfolio, a simple or advanced eCommerce website, or any type of website at all, Wix has something for you.

With the Wix statistics listed here, you can now understand the current state of Wix.

FAQs about Wix facts & numbers

1. What is Wix’s market share?

As you can see, Wix’s market share is 2.9% powering a whopping 1.2% of all websites using a CMS. This makes Wix the third largest content management system just below Shopify and WordPress.

2. How many websites are powered by Wix?

Based on the official announcement, Wix now powers over 200 million websites, about 5.5 million of which use Wix’s premium packages.

3. Is Wix Free?

Yes, Wix is free to use with certain limitations like displaying of Wix ads on your site. However, they do offer a paid plans for both website builder and ecommerce stores with additional features.

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