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Interview with Yogita Aggarwal of

Hello readers, like always today we have a blogger and online marketer with s @DiitalGYD. She is a dear friend of mine and has learned surviving in this industry the hard way. Today’s post isn’t an interview but we can call it a candid chat where Yogita shares her behind the work scenes. 🙂

Q1. Hello, Yogita please tell us something about yourself and about your journey as a blogger?

Hello Dear Readers! I am Yogita aka Tanya, an obsessed blogger from Delhi NCR. I am an Online Marketing professional and a full time blogger who blogs at &

I started DreamTechie in April 2013 & LetUsPublish in August 2014 with lots of ambitions and excitements. As on today also I am keeping the same enthusiasm. It may be because I am “Indian by birth and Blogger by choice”.

I used to be a part time blogger till August 2015 and to manage both the blogs with work was really difficult but in July’15 finally I took the best decision of my life and did what I actually want to do from a long time. I quit my job to be a full time blogger and to be my own boss, this is super exciting :p, is not it??

If I talk about my journey with my blogs, it was full of new experiences but now I am thrilling about my future with more of blogging as a full time blogger.

Q3. Had you first started blogging on blogger and then migrated to WP? If yes please share the experience of transition.

No, my both blogs I started with WordPress only, so don’t have real time experience to share as of now. Might be I would have in future.

Q4. What are the major plugins that you use for your blogs?

Below is the list of wordpress plugins I am using at present.

  1. Akismet
  2. Contact Us Form
  3. Simple Sitemap
  4. WP
  5. WordPress Database Backup
  6. WordPress SEO by Yoast
  7. WP Super Cache
  8. Redirection
  9. CopyLink
  10. Instagram Feed
  11. Tumblr Crosspostr
  12. Rel Nofollow Checkbox

The most awesome tool from the list is WordPress SEO by Yoast, as this plugin help me to manage almost all on page SEO factors. And the second most awesome plugin is – WP, that helps me to maintain moderate site load time.

Q5. What are your views on SEO in 2015 and what tips you would give to our readers?

SEO would be there in industry for next many years but yes it will change with time as per need. As of now Spam SEO is dead, so don’t need to be a spammer to get organic ranks and traffic. Two most important gears of good SEO strategy are quality content and inbound links. That means publish high-quality relevant content that gets read and linked automatically.

And the other important element is social media; social media has been an aspect in the ranking algorithm for years and it would be same in coming future.

Conclusion – Work for your readers not for search engines.

The basic SEO tips for year 2015 are below-

( Above points are just few, to find more read expert’s blogs. I recommend read Search Engine Journals )

Apart from on page SEO work, focus on quality off page work. Build backlinks on authority sites. Do create links but not be a spammer. Link building is not only a source to build authority and Google Page rank but also it can help a lot in getting relevant traffic and brand exposure. 

Q6. Are you associated with any other projects besides DreamTechie? If yes, please share with us.

Yes I am associated with LetUsPublish. LetUsPublish is an entertainment cum lifestyle blog, there I most all interesting read, you will love to read this blog more frequently.

Q7. What are your views on YouTube monetization and how far are you into vlogging?

YouTube monetization, another most modern method to make money online has great scope and less competition for interested geeks. All you need is creativity and some marketing skills.

A few months back even I thought to give a try to vlogging but again could not. Very soon I am going to start vlogging on regular basis on lifestyle and entertainment niche and I am hoping my readers will like my vlogs as well ☺

Q8) Being a problogger what were the biggest challenges then and now as far as your blogging is concerned?

Alike all SEO and blogging professionals, the biggest challenge for me is to do deal with different Google updates. We SEO’s can’t read the mind of Google and Cutts so it is much better to be proactive regarding use of ethical SEO and quality of content.

Another biggest challenge faced by most of the bloggers in initial days of work is “Time management”. Though Internet marketing is so vast it is really important to spend time on all important tasks all together. Make proper schedule charts and then work accordingly.

These days I am keeping notes on a notepad so that I don’t miss any important task. I also use ‘Sticky notes’ and ‘TO Do Notes’ to keep me reminded what is important. Evernote is another helpful app for time management; I am using this from 2 weeks or so.

Q9. What monetization techniques have you implemented on DreamTechie & on LetUsPublish. (If possible please share your earnings from this blog so that newcomers will be inspired)

I was not much focused on money making but now I ready to monetize my blogs. My both blogs have very good authority over web, we have good number of readers and I guess this is the right time to monetize my blogs. For both my blogs, I have little different monetize options, I am putting up the mail below –

  • Gadget Reviews
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Outfit Posts & Shoots
  • Event Converges

Q10. With over 60% of blogs writing about technology and SEO Tech niche in today’s blogosphere is saturated unlike 10 years ago. What do you see as an emerging niche for the bloggers?

No wonder we techie bloggers have really tough competition. But I am happy to share about that, there are still many niches where a blog can boost like hell. After my research, I found we have very less blogs on niche

  • Health and Fitness Blogs
  • Men Fashion Blogs
  • Entertainment Blogs
  • Music Blogs
  • Finance Blogs
  • Automobile Blogs

Q11. What are your views about DigitalGYD what would you suggest for improvement?

I am glad to see your content is engaging many bloggers; also the blog designed is impressive … Keep it up this good work. No more pitfalls, I found this time. You are good to go.

Q12. Any advice regarding blogging and SEO?

Blogging profession looks nice from the distant but when you start a blog and decide to do something outstanding you have to face number of problems. At that time you should have patience to deal with those problems, positive will power to continue your work and learning capabilities to avoid prior made mistakes.

And now about SEO & SMO; SEO plays a vital role in blogging. Not only SEO but SMO also has a lot more to offer bloggers. With no proper SEO, one cannot create a blog that can perform well in search engine and with no SMO you can’t even expect to be a well known brand. SEO and SMO seem like the backbones of blogging, so don’t ever think to ignore them. Hope it helps!

Over to you,

So, readers hope you got a lot of meat in this interview and got to learn many things about SEO, and blogging overall. Yogita is quite helpful and you can connect to her on Twitter and  you even ask her your doubts through comments section below. You can also visit to know more about her.


Top 10 official FIFA twitter accounts to follow this world cup 2014.

FIFA world cup 2014 is on the coming and we, the Football fans are eager to catch up all the news. There’s a discussion on every coffee table and high teas don’t seem high enough without serving a cup for Brazil. There’s always a stream of news about the stage that is being set in Brazil, and who will disagree that Twitter is the greatest platform to catch up all the buzz . So, here are top 10 official twitter accounts to follow for world cup 2014. So, go and follow your stars and show up that you are the biggest fan.

Official FIFA Twitter Accounts to follow  2014
image credit : Salvatore Vuono/

Official FIFA accounts:

important twitter accounts of FIFA 2014

: This is the official twitter account of world cup 2014 and gives you unlimited official feeds from Brazil, 2014 FIFA cup’s host.

@FIFAcom : This is authorized account of . Follow them for genuine international football accounts and the news is served in many languages like French, Spanish, Arabic,German and Portuguese.

@brazuca : This account owner is the football of 2014 world cup and it tweets in English and Portuguese. you know what love me, or lose me! oh and follow me

: This armadillo, the official FIFA mascot this year loves to play football and being in pictures so why wait just log in to twitter and follow Fuleco.

@CBF_Futebol : This is managed by Brazil’s squad’s Twitter.

@equipedfrance : Official twitter account of french team. Les bleus as they are called back home, have their tweets in French.

@ussoccer : Keep up with the latest updates from team US.

@SEfutbol : You can’t miss following the 2010 world cup champions .

@socceroos : The Australian football team have something in common with Americans, you guessed it right the call football, soccer.

@Belgianfootball : Team Belgium aka red devil tweet in French and Dutch.

Bonus :  @miseleccionmx : Team Mexico tweets in Spanish.

Bumper Bonus: These data were collected from Hongkiat and if you want more information about whom to follow on Twitter  just visit Footballersontwitter.

How a freelancer cheated me and How you can avoid freelance plagiarism scams

Someone once said me, “don’t work hard, work smart.” And in an attempt to follow this advice I landed in this freelance copied content scam that I am writing about so that you get an Idea about how to avoid being cheated by a freelance writer or mere content scrappers.

freelance scam

Being a single hand on this blog I nearly gave up all my time nourishing my this blog child. Many of you might  know that its very tough for a one man army to win a war of blogging. You got to write, do research, find keywords, get content outline ready, gather images that are appropriate for the topic and mind you, it should be copyright disabled. After that give your homework the shape of a blog post. commenting on other blogs, keeping up with the feedly reader is another great task. Then comes promoting the stuff on social media , staying active at forums and last but not the least interacting with the precious readers of your blog.

All these are too tedious to allow you to do anything else no matter it be a productive task. Things turn out worse if you have something else with a high priority than the blog like helping your father at the business.

Now at this point there were two roads for me :
1. That led to the dark trail where my blog , my passion would have to be sacrificed in the altar of priorities.
2. The path that suggested me to outsource my work from a virtual assistant or atleast get a freelance writer hired for easing the content writing part.

We all know thousands of online portals survive on the help from outsourcers including some top brands too and though I was not willing to shed my money my dropping visitor statistic forced me to hire a freelance writer.

I went to and bid a task that asked freelance writers to ping me with content for my tech blog. In no time  I got more than enough offers and was lured by the offer of this particular guy (I prefer not displaying the name because I won’t get anything proving him a thief my aim is to make others aware from my experience and not being derogatory to the content scrapper).  My mistake ? I didn’t opt for a more reputed site like Or or to name a few.

The offer was He would give me 5000 well researched articles (yes 5000 its not a misprint) of 600 words on average for only 50$. This was a offer that called my greed and I was happy  saving a few bucks while shopping and I didn’t do anything to check the content.

By and by I have been publishing some articles at different times when I think I can’t give enough time to blogging. It has got great response from my readers too but yesterday when I was chatting with my blogger friend Vishal Jain of and he asked me ‘ why do you copy content on your blog and not write your own stuffs?” And I was like Hello, its embarrassing especially to someone who hasn’t copied in his school exams. Sad smile

I was very clear from the beginning of blogging that copying wouldn’t take me long and believe me, I think before going for a game its important to know the DO’s of it but it is even more important to be aware of DON’Ts of it because omissions can be added but mistakes once done are very difficult to be corrected. So, I have been very careful from the start of blogging. Perhaps that helped me to get Adsense approved within just one month of my blog going live. Smile

Anyway I asked him where did he find the original content and also told him to share me the URL of my post that is accused of copying (Still hoping it was some cheap site copying my content and not the other way round). You will be surprised to hear his answer because I was literally taken aback.
The posts were AdSense related (the once I bought from the freelancer) and the original articles were from The BIG G [ GOOGLE ].

 This literally scared me. this could cost a lot to me like

1. Loss of online reputation because the posts were screaming that I was a content scrapper and moreover a FOOL that I copied content from the official Google site.

2. Everyone who has an adsense account must have read the articles of Google.

3. I could get my AdSense banned to add my blog could be banned from Google also.

4. I could loop myself into a sue for copying already copyrighted content.

5. I would now have to remove my those articles which had brought me quite a good traffic and they have pretty good number of comments on them too.
So, now when I am well aware of my mistakes and have done a fat research on how to deal with it and what should be done and I am presenting those here in order to help you too, in case (wish such a day never comes to anyone) you land such a scam.

Immediate steps to take after you caught a copyrighted post in your blog:

a) Delete the post or take it down

b) Remove it from the buffer or any other social account you had scheduled it to be shared at a later

c) Write a complaint on the matter to the agency or site (SEOCLERKS) in my case, or fiverr, or any platform you hired. This will downgrade his position and he will be cautioned not to do that in future.

Preventive measures to stay safe from Freelancing scams:

Tips to avoid freelance scams

Internetmarketingninjas Suggests, To do “quoted text” search in which you have to quote a specific amount of text and do Google search. The disadvantage is that its clumsy and might not be trusted always.

Nirmala Santhakumar Says, we should use plagiarism checking software like contentplagiarismchecker in order to crush any copied content issue. This should work on published content too.

Also I found that filtering content with Copyscape, like software before making the purchase would be helpful.

You could also include a clause (in case you are buying a license for some really hefty content) that if the content is found copied or content spinned then the matter will be addressable to the court.

Over to You,

This was my experience with a content spinner and a fraud freelancer who never understood work ethics in its true sense. If you have been facing such a situation please write it in the comments so that readers are cautioned and do share how you dealt with such a situation. At last, I would say thanks to my blogger friends Vishal And Sugandha Agrawal who always cautioned me to be well aware when dealing to any freelancer may that be for content or buying a theme for my blog.

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