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Top Blogs for Pinterest tips and marketing ideas

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How much active are you on a platform that drives an estimated 47% of the U.S. online shoppers that made a purchase being referred on this social network (Source: BlogHer) ? I guess it’s the right time to pet this wild social beast to harness great revenue from it. Not only sales Pinterest has an average of five million articles pins. This amazing social media platform took one third of time taken by twitter to reach the 10 million user mark. Many blogs have a increased and consistent traffic from old posts all thanks to Pinterest.

Unlike Facebook, where we scribble every second mood swing and still generate user interaction on the post, Pinterest has a negative effect on undecided pins. Pins that are not appealing will turn a readers mood off and he will never bother to visit you again. So with all these you need to have strategies and read the Top 10 blogs on Pinterest tips and guides on increasing revenue from Pinterest . These blogs also publish top tips to increase followers on Pinterest.

top 10 Blogs About Pinterest tips and guides

Here is a list of top ten blogs you must read to Pinterest in no specific order:

1) Oh So Pinteresting by Cynthia Sanchez

Cynthia has been rocking the Pinterest ground since long. Her blog OH So Pinteresting gives quality resources on Pinterest topics that are very valuable. She has been a contributor to Social Media Examiner and this tells us how vast her knowledge is.

Her blog focuses on how to use Pinterest for business, how pod casting can be taken to the next level with Pinterest,and all things Pinterest. Her particular article on how SONY used Pinterest for making business is a must read.

2) The Blog Maven By Jeni Elliot

Okay I may sound stupid while I say I found this blog recently, But that’s true This awesome blog by Jeni focuses on optimizing your blog to leverage Pinterest benefits and is a must read for all bloggers out there who are struggling for Pinterest. Her article on how to optimize empty sidebar by filling it with your epic posts for pinning garnered huge response. She provides guides to get huge traffic from Pinterest to your blog too.

3) Social media writing by Mitt Ray

Mitt Ray has been doing a fabulous job on social media tutorials and his posts are worth reading. His post on how to get more traffic from Pinterest in 14 steps is a very good guide for those starting to explore Pinterest.

4) Buffer Blog By Kevan Lee

Kevan is my go to guide for social media strategies. He never writes a post that is less epic. All his posts on social media are complete guides that are backed up with great statistics. His this particular post on Pinterest marketing tips in the ultimate guide for marketers on Pinterest and has registered nearly 8000 shares (including mine!)

5) the official Pinterest blogs.

Pinterest has two official blogs that you should follow to get latest Pinterest updates and new features from the Pinterest makers. The two blogs are

a) Oh, How Pinteresting! – Official Pinterest blog, it is one blog that everyone should read.

b) Business blog of Pinterest – Official blog for business people on Pinterest.

5) Marketing on Pinterest By Jason Miles.

Jason Miles is the VP of marketing at Northwest University, and let me tell you if you are looking for marketing on Pinterest this is a blog you would not want to miss. He has some of the best and rich resources on the topic. His post 285 marketing tips on Pinterest is an epic post to start on his blog.

6) Pinterest Savvy by Mellisa Tayler

Someone who’s got 1.5 million real followers on Pinterest is definitely worth listening to. Its her graciousness that she decided to share her secrets with us. She is the ultimate resource to gather huge followers on Pinterest, her posts teach us how to use Pinterest for everything.

7) WishPond Blog

The wishpond blog publishes quality guides and social media and man they have a treasure of great infographics too. One of their post on Top 10 amazing Pinterest boards examples critiqued, is something that every reader keen on business on Pinterest will find exciting. This is a must follow blog  if you really want to be popular on Pinterest.

8) Rebekah Radice:

I call her the Queen of Social media (and she rightfully is!). She has been featured in and on reputed platforms like Canva, Steamfeed, Social media examiner, 12 most etc. She definitely shares great tips on social media including Pinterest. Here is a great post of hers describing the top Pinterest marketers to follow.

9) Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas is the social media mogul we can say. He has been ranked #8 the Forbes top 40 social media talent 2014 . He has more feathers to his crown read more at his BIO page. You can read must know Pinterest marketing tips from his site here and other Pinterest strategies to draw traffic to blog here.

10) This spot is collectively dedicated to two awesome blogs;

a) Constant contact: Constant contact provides a lot of articles on Pinterest. It is a blog that has simple yet effective Pinterest tips here is one of such articles: 21 things that make you look dumb on Pinterest.

b) Pinnable Business: Its another hugely popular blogs on Pinterest strategies. It provides nice easy to grasp articles, Real life case studies on Pinterest and infographics too.

Bonus: Other worth mentioning blogs include Vertical Response, Tailwind (there post 32 do’s and don’ts of Pinterest marketing strategy is directly pinned 467 times!). These blogs are daily read by many Pinterest rockers who use the tips shared here to get noticed on Pinterest.

So these, were the top Pinterest blogs I follow for Pinterest strategies and drive huge traffic to my blogs. Some of the blogs help to generate huge income from selling online on Pinterest. If I missed any of your favorite sites do let me know on the comment section. Meanwhile, you can follow me on Pinterest (I have some really amazing pins!) HERE :)

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