How to shop frugally like a rockstar

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What do you do when you just have no time to go to the mall? I do window shopping. In today’s online world, I think there is nothing an online store or shopping site can’t provide you with. From the richest gem to the cheapest pin, it’s all there.

Our generation is definably the generation of internet and we love working our deals smartly. No one prefers going to the mall or the local retails store in the hot, humid or dusty roads. Instead, just fill your cart, from a renowned brand while sipping your coffee.  From baby products ( to eye wears and lenses (, from electronics and other household stuff (Flipkart) to international quality good shopping, everything is the gift of the online era.

Now the question arises, how many of us shop smartly? How can we actually profit using online shopping sites? If you want to shop frugally and save a penny or two from your hard earned cash, read on.


1) Don’t just shop; first see what you can buy?

Many times we just happen to need a washing machine or a goggle, and we go to the related online shopping site and search for the product directly. Once we get our hands on the intended item we click checkout.

But, I would say this approach is not good and we should instead go for checking what other products are available that have the same functionality. How can we get a similar product that is either a better featured product or a less priced one?

Sometimes the alternative product might be priced a little more but have some additional features that you have not thought about. Chances are those features might have the adequate value for money.

Compare prices:

In general, if we need a product of abc company, we go to the physical store or show room of that product and buy one of the selling products. But, shopping online has a benefit that we can check, compare and shop products after enough assessment. Try looking at the related products or products that the recent buyers have viewed. This way you can get an idea of what other products come within the price zone you intend to shell. And then, you can decide which product is the best value for money.

Read reviews:

Word of mouth is very important. The reviews of a product have the power to make or break the sales and ultimately the brand’s credibility. Most online shopping sites like amazon have awesome work done by placing the reviews of other users. Some of the reviews have ratings based on users’ votes. Read at least top 30-40 reviews before buying a product. These reviewers are people who tend to have already bought and used the product or have been gifted a copy of the product by the company themselves to be reviewed.

Here the question arises as to which review is to be trusted? I would suggest you to use your common sense and sense of perceiving the cheesy reviews. These reviewers are thought to have been paid under the table. You can also use the most voted review as the most trusted as it shows that most users could relate to the review.

Look for online coupons sites:

When we say shop smartly we mean you must be able to save a few bucks even on the best buy value. Many sites and shopping sites have coupons, discounts and other free offers that are normally tricky to find. The answer is switch to coupons sites.

How to use the coupon and discount sites:

Coupon and discount sites do a pretty good job by referring you the best deals and available discounts on a product. In order to make full use of coupon sites, you might need to read these tips and tricks:

1) Be regular in checking these coupon sites in order to be aware of the available and upcoming deals on the shopping platforms.

2) Better sign up their mailing list to never ever miss a deal.

3) Check if you have to buy something later, of yes note the end date of the offer so that you get a reminder when it will expire.

4) Check the deals at other sites, suppose you are a loyal buyer of flipkart deals, but you have known good offers in the coupon site better go and hunt other sites like snapdeal or amazon deals. Might be they have better deals to lock.

5) Sometimes you need specific coupon codes then you have to search online using coupon sites or go to couponzdeal. They have a full range of coupons like the askmebazaar coupon code, Flipkart coupon or snapdeal coupon amongst others.


Shopping frugally isn’t bad. In order to save money and shop smartly, you need to be vigilant towards other factors as well. Loyalty towards a brand is good, but that should not cost you bucks out of your hard earned money. While buying online, if you are a little vigilant towards other factors like reviews, alternate products or even coupons, you might surely buy the best product you can with as little price as possible. So, what do you do to save money when shopping online? Do tell us in comments and I will feature your point here along with your name.

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2 thoughts on “How to shop frugally like a rockstar”

  1. Hey Swadhin recently only I bought an Android smartphone which is Lenovo A6000 for myself. I purchased it online. I also buy clothes and other stuff online regularly. In this post you have mentioned that we should definitely read reviews as well as compare the price, this is what I always do while buying online. Hoping to see more posts related to online shopping on your blog.

  2. Hi Swadhin,

    Seems I am the first one here so far :)

    Interesting topic of discussion…yes, shopping frugally makes sense, and it’s something all of us must do! Speaking of myself, I always go for sales, discounts, coupons and I admit it openly. After all, every penny saved is a penny earned – my Mom used to tell me that, and if you can save during such times when there are heavy deals, whether offline or online, then why not?

    I know some people think it’s not good to buy from malls or discount shops, or use discounts, and they’d rather go for the brand and buy anytime. Perhaps they have all the money to spare, but I’d call that being foolish and missing good opportunities. Of course, of you need a thing urgently, you won’t wait for discount or sales and would purchase it any how. But if some things can wait, then why not!

    I usually prefer shopping offline, when required. Online shopping I have tried, but you cannot get the real ‘feel’ of the product even if you read the reviews at times, some of them aren’t real also, so have to be careful there. Nevertheless, trusted online sites like Snapdeal, Flipkart etc are all safe and good to visit for their variety and the prices they offer, though only for certain products. Just my two cents.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

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