How a newspaper seller is making India Proud Globally, Inspiring Interview with Ritesh Sarvaiya of Defencely Inc

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Hello Readers, today we have Ritesh Sarvaiyathe Founder of, an online security firm. When it comes to online security Major firms like Microsoft, Zendesk etc. don’t think twice to hand over their keys to online world. Coincidentally, the story of the founder is no less inspiring. Ritesh had been selling newspapers in his early days. And now he is respected worldwide and is the caretaker of the securities of world level firms. He has taken the responsibility willingly and his service is spot on.

Before the interview I would suggest you to take a cup of coffee as the interview is quite long and trust me you will ignore your coffee cravings once you start reading it. Here we go!

1)    Hello Ritesh, welcome to it’s a pleasure having you here. Somewhere down the internet my eyeballs caught a line that reads “Your thoughts mature with age, your ideas reshape and it affects your persona”. Yes it’s your own phrase. Would you mind telling our readers what exactly it took to develop to this persona including how you started up?

Answer: Hi, It’s a pleasure to be featured on DigitalGYD to share my thoughts, experiences and goals for Defencely Inc. with you all. I’d be delighted to share my personal experiences so far, Swadhin. The most important lesson I can share is this:

Things will shift and change with age. What do I mean by that? I mean it doesn’t matter where you come from or what your past is like. It doesn’t matter if you’ve failed a hundred times. What matters are your intentions and innovations that you work to achieve. As you grow and mature, you get a greater sense of duty and responsibility. Defencely, Inc. is the result of this kind of attention. I struggled and failed in many circumstances, yet Defencely is finally starting to take off and really gain exposure. I never worry about those who despise me. They are just angry because the truth I speak contradicts the lies they live


I can’t begin to describe the struggles, the journey, the failures and successes in words. But I can pinpoint areas along the journey that made me who I am today and made Defencely the kind of business I can be proud of.

I started selling newspapers and had no one to guide me – no mentor and no real idea what to do. So I carved out my own path. Next business was Rikhav InfoTech. During this time, I was always curious and looking for new business opportunities and growth. Even as I was growing up, my own dad was always with me and inspiring me to ask questions. The IT business grew and started amassing a large number of employees before the economy shifted and they started looking for new revenue options. Because of this diversity in services, they had to shut down the business and I had “grown out” of selling newspapers, so I moved on in life.

I spent some time with my mentors and gained valuable experiences in the corporate world. During this time I developed my vision for business which would ultimately lead to the founding of Defencely, Inc. In doing so, I learned that there was a serious lack of standards among security industries for rock-solid application security.  There was also lack of methodology standards for a procedural application penetration test. I decided that the answer was to shortlist ethical “white hat” hackers – people who didn’t just hack for the thrill of it, but did so to help improve the system rather than sabotage it. These penetration testers, security researchers and technical wizards would keep getting the challenges they craved while making sure that business and enterprise applications were secured and tested against current and potential future threats.

But it wasn’t just about testing.  Once flaws were found, we wanted to make sure that we had ironclad protection in place to safeguard and defend these same applications and services.  Hence, “Defencely”. Starting out in India, Defencely had a considerable number of initial hurdles to overcome. We kept growing and expanding to become the heart of leading IT application security services in India.  We gained the respect and business of the second largest travel agency in India.

2)    Now that you are in the business of web securities please explain how the scenario of web security in India is and what are the things that are at stake?

Answer: Giant corporations in India are already taking their respective businesses online and they’re already involved in processing credit and identity cards, making online reservations and taking online payments across a variety of sectors including government and private industries. Our nation is quickly becoming a leader in electronic communications, and with such a high demand with a million people involved on the web daily, security should be our number one focus. Many companies don’t even know that they have been the unwitting victims of a breach until it’s too late. There’s a lot of power and potential in India’s information technology sector and it’s growing quickly, but I feel that “information security” has always been neglected, since it’s so new and fresh, and there’s a considerable lack of research to point these companies in the right direction.

Now, with that being said, Defencely has already seen firsthand how hacking, stolen credit card information, compromised identity and private detail exposure can affect both companies and individuals.  When we discovered these problems, we fixed them immediately.

Yesterday’s security practices will NOT fix the problem. India needs to step up and address their security issues. Because Defencely was born in India, we have a commitment to make our home country safe and secure when doing business in the global arena!

3)    Please tell us the key objectives of your cloud security service Defencely and how it reached to the PayPal wall of fame.

Answer: Right now, our objective is to make our services available for those proactive, forward-thinking businesses that understand the critical importance of web security and safeguarding their proprietary information.  Now, we define objectives as:

•      Providing clients with a flexible Web Security model.

•      Providing clients with the assurances of their Web Security.

•      Providing clients with technical solutions to fix the security breach.

•      Providing clients with overall standard application security posture.

•      Providing quality based services with manual testing efforts, with the help of our world class Security researchers.

defencly web security

At Defencely, we work with world class security researchers from around the world who follow our vision in contributing to the improvement of web security. Our team of security researchers and penetration testers not only give our clients the kind of comprehensive security sweep they need to keep their applications and information stable and private, but they also believe that web security is an ongoing process, and not a once-and-done job. Its things like this that has earned them all places on the walls of fame of big corporations. We are not content to rest on our laurels though – our testers continue to help these companies by reporting bugs, fixing them and providing vulnerability advisories where possible.

4)    Almost every second day we hear of brute force attacks, and hacking of e-commerce sites, what services does Defencely provides for this situation?

Answer: As discussed earlier, application security is an ongoing process and security flaws will always exist as long as the application stops being updated. Similarly, E-commerce websites are rich in application architecture and have a large audience that is depending on them.  That’s why they have a responsibility to carry a customer’s private data carefully through the secure transaction process and 3rd party gateways. This might look easier said than done from the consumer’s perspective, but in practice it can be difficult for the developers to maintain this application, since new modules and security patches and updates are continually introduced.

It’s like building a house and then deciding after it’s done that you want a basement. You keep adding on rooms and rooms, and after a while the structure is weakened and attackers can force their way in. Brute forcing, an application is a common scenario wherein the attacker isn’t skilled enough to exploit into the application due to a lack of technical know-how. But again, this is a risk to the business providers associated with the ecommerce sites, not the attacker attacking the site.
Defencely Inc. provides a full service, unbreakable security application monitoring and management services for these companies, so that the developers never have to worry about weak code that could let attackers’ brute force their way in. Our Red Team continually maps the application through manual efforts and within the scope that both we and the client have determined to be the most beneficial to their needs.

Now, what about ecommerce sites? They are a special case because they not only suffer from web vulnerabilities but also logic-based vulnerabilities that a skilled attacker can exploit. Most automatic security scanners don’t have the ability to scan for these types of exploits, and yet they can bring a reliable e-commerce business to its knees.

This is where Defencely’s security policies come in.  By having concrete steps that can be taken before an attack takes place, the ecommerce site helps build even stronger trust with its clients as well as its developers, because they have this protocol in place.

5)    You have been appreciated by the likes of Microsoft, Google, Apple and Zendesk what does it take to have those feathers in your hat.

Answer: It’s an honor, and I’m flattered to share these “feathers in our hat” with our quality assurance team, who made this possible.  Getting recognition like this is what motivates them to continue to learn, grow and evolve. I’m certain that if they’re following this interview right now, they’re smiling, because they know that without them, this wouldn’t be possible.

6)  At a rapid fire round up how would you rate the following on ten?

a) Web security in India – 4/10

b) Awareness of security breaches amongst Indian companies. – 3/10

c) Willingness of online ventures in investing in a security company. 5/10

d) Defencely as you would rate as compared to other cloud security service provider in India. – 8/10

7) Where do you see Defencely in the next five years?

Answer: At Defencely we have grown rapidly with our services and if this keeps going at this speed, I would like to envision for the next 3, not 5 years.  I’d put Defencely at the top 5 cloud based application security providers worldwide – a feat that could only be made possible thanks to our expert team. Our transparency is crystal clear, we provide rock secure services, our goals are predefined; We invent and do not re-process the wheel leading up with same Stone Age solutions by relying on automated garbage.

Competition is for the companies that are regurgitating the same process over and over. At Defencely, we’re more about innovation – reshaping ideas to make them fit as part of the whole security package. Competition is trying to one-up other companies with things like lower prices, faster scanning and such. We think beyond those little arguments. We’d like to think we’re in competition with ourselves to continually improve and strive to innovate and reshape the marketplace.

8) At an interview you said Money shouldn’t be a priority for any successful venture; please tell us what other priorities a budding entrepreneur should be glued to in order to get success.

Answer: Let me ask you – how much better is a product if it is made with passion and not greed?  Application security is a rich playground and ‘money’ is an essential key factor but is obviously not the absolute priority. When we started, we thought about all the things that a startup needed – earning investments, risking it all, living on the edge. But When you base a product around passion and develop it solely for the benefit of the public, something changes inside you – you start aiming for a success beyond monetary trappings of wealth.

The struggle is different. It’s not about financial gain. It’s about making the web a safer place. Why undermine that with a bunch of hidden policies, greed and constant one-upmanship?

Here are some key factors which I would like to share on my personal behalf with my own personal experiences, it’s my personal opinion!

9) Many people say “if I could do why can’t you”. What mantra would you want to give for our readers?

Answer: It’s not rocket science, even if it was; with dedication and self-motivation against all odds, one could achieve wonders. I think, being able to leave a mark behind for others, it’s not just the winning move, but the hardest part after reaching it is to stay there. Success stories are never written, they are proven with dedication and hard work. If you aren’t smart, work hard to make yourselves smart, and learn from your mistakes.  If you work hard, make sure to over deliver on your client or boss’ expectations. AT the end of the day, people will know you by your deeds.

A one liner to this, ‘you can and will do things, when circumstances are lined up against you, Stand tall. Brush the dust off of yourself and stride forward with confidence.

Thank you for taking up this brief interview and I hope I fully answered all your questions. It was a pleasure mentioning the key factors which made Defencely Inc. a proud success, and I wish the team at DigitalGYD all the same successes.

Hi, I'm Swadhin Agrawal, founder & MD of Value Intent Media Pvt. Ltd. With DigitalGYD we aim at helping bloggers start, grow and scale their blogs to profitable businesses.

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    Nice to meet you here. Wonderful interview and inspiring too.

    Thanks Swadhin for bringing up Ritesh here. Great discussions.

    Thanks again to both of you and enjoy your day ahead!

    • Ritesh Sarvaiya

      Dear Nisha,

      Thanks for dropping by & for your kind words, i appreciate it totally. Look forward to connect with you in coming days, have a great start to the week ahead.

      “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

      Ritesh. A. Sarvaiya (Web Security Enthuziast by Heart)
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  4. John Smith

    Defencely Inc. is the Best Security Company that the Indian market can have!!.

    Only two words: Super Fantastic !.

    (John Smith of Security Research Team)

  5. Ritesh Sarvaiya

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    “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

    Ritesh. A. Sarvaiya (Web Security Enthuziast by Heart)
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    Hi Swadhin,
    I first time saw the the name of Ritesh Sarvaiya when one of friend liked the facebook page of him. At that day I read about him. I really get encouragement from his struggle. I am very happy after reading this interview. Thanks for giving the positive energy.

  7. Ammar Ali Shah

    Nice Interview my friend. Have no doubts about your skills as proud of you that your are making success in your life. (Y)

    • Ritesh Sarvaiya

      Dear Ammar,

      Truly appreciate your kind words, when Legends like you drop by and add comment makes me feel Inspire to do more in this field.

      “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

      Ritesh. A. Sarvaiya (Web Security Enthuziast by Heart)
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  8. yogesh

    Hello Swadhin,
    Ritesh inspired me a lot. i read his articles in his own blog, he is really awesome.
    His story is very motivational to whom, who think they are very poor or they cant do a big thing. even i am in the field of security so its really hard to get such a successful life.
    God bless you Ritesh :)

    • Swadhin Agrawal

      Hi Yogesh,
      Thank you for those kind words. I am sure he is inspiring. Glad you liked the post. :)

  9. Akhil Reni

    Ritesh is a very hardworking person and all his ideas are truly amazing.
    I wish him and his team all the very best for the future,
    I can see were Defencely will stand in the next few years with the brilliant and out of box security researchers on-board ;)


    • Ritesh Sarvaiya

      Dear Akhil,

      I am feeling awesome to read your kind words, you are one of the most respected & upcoming web security researcher from India & I would like to wish you all the very best for your future.

      Truly appreciate your wishes & have a great weekend ahead.

      Cheers & Regards

  10. Raaja Anandhan

    Hi Ritesh,

    First of all. Congrats to you for becoming Zero to Hero. There are lot and lot of inspiring citizens in india. We have to learn all the things from all the things surround ourselves. You are really an inspirational guy for the youths like me. Have to learn more from you. I pray to almighty for your excellence in future.

    I thank swadhin for sharing such a inspiring interview with readers. To reach somewhere, We need transportation. To learn something We need Guru. To attain something We need concentration. To read something We need education.

    To know about inspiring personalities, We need DigitalGyd.

    Keep up doing.

    Again Hats Off to you Ritesh.

    • Ritesh Sarvaiya

      Dear Raaja Anandhan,

      Great to see your words buddy, totally enjoyed reading it :-) Truly appreciate your time to read the interview & putting few awesome note which has inspired me a lot to do more in this field.

      Well, i am still ZERO :-) I am still a Learner & try to learn new things on daily basis. I am happy that i am some sort of Inspiration for you Raaja, please let me know if i can be of any support your way you can follow me on Twitter @RiteshSarvaiya or @Defencely

      Hope things are awesome at your end, look forward to connect soon, bye for now.

      “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

      Ritesh. A. Sarvaiya (Web Security Enthuziast by Heart)
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  11. Danish Iqbal

    Ritesh you have been a great example to inspire me , i have learnt a lot of lessons from you.
    I personally admire you so much however i dont say it :P
    I wish to learn more from you and have patience like you had in your life , you have changed the thoughts of a system as a common man’s life with your hard work and proved to be the one and only RITESH :)
    I wish you get more and more success in your life …this story truly translates dedications of you .

    • Ritesh Sarvaiya

      There you go, Danish, I can’t believe you have commented on this Post. This is kind of Biggest achievement for me as a Founder & CEO @Defencely, HATS OFF TO YOU MAN.

      When a Legend like you say something like this is a Biggest Pride for a Struggling Entrepreneur like me. As far as Patience is concerned, I have learned awesome rule in these years that GOD gives you everything but exactly when time comes so keep giving your best & you will never ever have to ask anything, it will keep coming your way. I remember it took a while to Establish a relationship but Patience at both the end, played VITAL Role for the Successful starting of Business relationship.

      Thanks a Billion for all of your awesome wishes Danish & I look forward to go FAR as a Team & truly appreciate your out of BOX support which is coming Defencely’s way :-)

      Allah Hafiz Bhai Jaan.

  12. Ritesh Sarvaiya

    Dear Tanuj,

    It feels great when a Respected Security researcher from Indian community drops by, I appreciate that totally. Hope you are doing well & I look forward to discuss latest happening @Defencely & how Team Defencely is making a Difference to the world out there.

    Bye for now & do well :-) Cheers

    • Ritesh Sarvaiya

      Dear Rajesh ..

      Thanks for dropping by buddy, cheers.

      “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

      Ritesh. A. Sarvaiya (Web Security Enthuziast by Heart)
      Founder & CEO, Defencely (My Boss)

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    Well done Sir! Hope to see you scale even bigger heights . :)

    • Ritesh Sarvaiya

      Dear Tushita,

      Thanks & I appreciate you taking time to read the Interview, adding your thoughts. Also many thanks for your awesome wishes for Team Defencely.

      Have a great evening ahead & Look forward, Do well.

  14. Nirav Dhami

    Hello sir,

    Its great and very inspirational ,how a newspaper seller became the CEO.
    Great going sir,

    • Ritesh Sarvaiya

      Dear Nirav,

      I am delighted to see you here & happy to know that i am being some sort of Inspiration for you. Thanks for all of your support which is coming Defencely’s way to make it a great company.

      Thank you, Stay blessed & Do well.

  15. Mi Muba

    Hi Swadhin and Hello Ritesh

    First of all a big congrats to you Swadhin for interviewing such a wonderful entrepreneur who already has established his brand in website security and is fast becoming household name in IT industry of the most of the Asian countries.

    Thanks Ritesh for consenting to be featured here at Swadhin’s blog and also appreciate your way of talking in such a detail and proudly sharing your success story for the inspiration of others.

    I once read somewhere that those who never forget their past actually never become the past and always be warmly welcomed by their future with more success and fame.

    Your optimism and believing in your self is the big secret of your success and your every word shows your positive mindset. You will not only achieve your ultimate objectives of fully covering your market with your wonderful products but you will also set an example for all the struggling entrepreneurs to stay focused and be successful.

    Thanks a lot to you both guys for sharing such an inspiring stuff to ignite my passion to work hard more and deliver more.

    • Ritesh Sarvaiya

      Dear Mi Muba,

      It’s my pleasure to get featured, One can never say NO when this kind of Request comes from one of most Respected Blogger from India, Right ?

      I would like to be Inspiration for as many people as i can & where needed i am willing to help them in any & every way i can so that they can become Successful Human & Inspire others. That’s the only way we can keep things moving, hope you will agree me on that.

      One should always look ahead for Golden Future, at the same time do not forget the Struggle days, this will help you a lot to be Humble towards the world, normally we see once person achieves everything & reaches heights in life, He/She forgets the past and become Extremely Egoistic which is not good at al. We all should be absolute humble even after achieving everything in life, that’s the REAL way of living life on earth & help others to come up in life.

      Most wanted KEY for Success is not giving up, decide once what you are Passionate about & make sure you follow that for rest of your life, one will certainly go MILES …

      Thanks for your awesome thoughts & Look forward to take our association to next level in coming days.

      “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

      Ritesh. A. Sarvaiya (Web Security Enthuziast by Heart)
      Founder & CEO, Defencely (My Boss)

    • Swadhin Agrawal

      Hello Muba sir,
      Thank you for your compliments. I would have missed this chance if it weren’t you who told me to a interview of Ritesh bro.

      Thank you for the wonderful words. :)

  16. Harleena Singh

    Hi Ritesh and Swadhin,

    That surely was an inspiring interview :)

    It’s amazing to know how a newspaper seller became the C.E.O of such an awesome company, which is amazing indeed.

    You are right – nothing works more than hard work, dedication and commitment, no matter what kind of job you take up, and perhaps you must’ve done this in all your earlier jobs that helped you achieve success. It’s a positive attitude and the ability to take risks, move ahead all odds, and take each day as your last to step forward that works best. So much similar to what I believe in too :)

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful interview with us Swadhin. Have a nice weekend, both of you :)

    Glad seeing him here, thanks

    • Ritesh Sarvaiya

      Dear Harleena,

      First of all i am feeling greatly Inspired, while replying your comment & Truly appreciate your spirit for dropping by adding few words here.

      Let me tell you what the real story is, when i use to sell newspapers, after that doing couple of small jobs, entire world asked me will you keep doing this for rest of your life ? At that time i did not had any one to handhold me, so i have made up my mind to do something on which entire world will proud & will be right answers for all the people who tried to Push me more and more down during my early days of Struggle. This certifies that if you have commitment towards your self, no one can stop you to achieve you want, but the key is not giving up, which most of the Entrepreneurs are doing in real world these days.

      I am delighted to know that our thinking are on the Similar lines, however, keeping in Practical all the Successful people who has come up in with Lots of struggle have these ingredients in common, hope you will agree on that.

      Lastly, would like to thank you whole heartedly for your wishes & I look forward in touch in future as your words has Inspired me a lot & want to continue to take Inspiration from a Personality like you.

      “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

      Ritesh. A. Sarvaiya (Web Security Enthuziast by Heart)
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    • Swadhin Agrawal

      Hello madam,
      How is the celebration going on? :) Hopefully fabulous. :)
      Thank you for your kind words madam :)

  17. Paul Billygraham Reang

    Hi Dear,,
    You have come up with inspirational interview, It makes my mind fresh when I read about some inspirational life story. I came across Ritesh Sir few month back, but he was so friendly & helpful person I appreciate ..
    You are motivational person .. & your achievement are awesome …
    Keep rocking
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    • Swadhin Agrawal

      Hi Paul, welcome on board buddy. :)
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    Ritesh, keep doing such kind work to motivate others!

    Swadhin, Good job and thanks for featuring him here.

    • Swadhin Agrawal

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      Have a great week ahead :)

    • Ritesh Sarvaiya

      Dear Atish,

      Glad to become source of Inspiration for you & Truly appreciate your wishes. If you believe me, I have reached this level with awesome wishes of well wishers like you, keep them coming bro :-) Cheers & Regards

      “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

      Ritesh. A. Sarvaiya (Web Security Enthuziast by Heart)
      Founder & CEO, Defencely (My Boss)

  19. Pradeep Marwaha

    I happened to come across this very very inspiring interview and am overwhelmed with the simplicity portrayed by Mr. Ritesh Sarvaiya while talking about the phenomenal work Defencely is doing.

    Congratulations on becoming a World Citizen in the truest sense o the word !

    This kind of humility is really very rare in to-day’s cut-throat world. Do continue to be humble.

    At the same time, I wish to congratulate the entire team at Defencely for their hard work and dedication. This is where you need to focus all of your aggressive energies to help your clients fight off any threats from the ‘bad’ guys.

    I have had the privilege of being told about the excellent work this organisation has done for it’s customers and would like to go on and recommend hiring this team for the safety of your ( and your user’s ) crucial information / data.

    Wishing Ritesh and his team all the very best always !

    pradeep marwaha

    • Ritesh Sarvaiya

      Dear Pradeep Sir,

      I feel more charged & these words has Inspired me to do more and more in this field. Thank you for being a Source of Inspiration, hope you are doing well this week start in India. Defencely has just started taking baby steps after struggle of 2 years to make world understand why we are here & what we can do as a team in order to make a difference to their web security.

      You will find same Ritesh anytime in future as well, cause i have learnt one must not forget from where he have come to great heights in life, I will never forget the days when i use to sell newspapers & various good, bad experiences attached to it. These days i get so many emails from various Entrepreneurs to help them in their field as a mentor, in spite of my crazy schedule these days, i make sure to spare entire one hour to reply their emails & help them as much as i can.

      Thanks for your heartfelt wishes for team Defencely & we appreciate it from bottom of our heart, thank you very much Sir ji :-)

      I look forward to work with you coming future & take our combine association to greater heights, Cheers & bye.

      “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

      Ritesh. A. Sarvaiya (Web Security Enthuziast by Heart)
      Founder & CEO, Defencely (My Boss)

  20. Amit Kumar

    Awesome story! It will inspire lots of entrepreneurs too. You hustled and that hard work paid you. Kudos! Many more success to come :)

    • Ritesh Sarvaiya

      Dear Amit Kumar,

      Good to see you, thanks for your kind words & stopping by the post. I truly appreciate it.

  21. Stavan Ajmera

    I have known Ritesh since the past 1 year and He is one of the most passionate guys I have ever met. He has taken Cloud security to an altogether new level and I am very sure that Defencely’s name will be there is the list of the big security giants very soon.

    Wish you all the best and will be always there for you for any kind of help…..

    • Ritesh Sarvaiya

      Dear Stavan,

      Thanks for dropping by buddy, hope things are well in Mumbai & you doing great this fresh week start in India. As a Team all Defencely members are putting in their 100% efforts in order to make this happen & support of well wishers like you will be always counted when we achieve the milestone to become popular web security company.

      Thanks for all your wishes once again & Look forward to connect soon to take our pending talks to next level.

      “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

      Ritesh. A. Sarvaiya (Web Security Enthuziast by Heart)
      Founder & CEO, Defencely (My Boss)

  22. Richa

    Ritesh had a very interesting and inspiring journey up until now and I hope he will inspire many people along the way.

    • Ritesh Sarvaiya

      Dear Richa,

      I will try my level best to fulfil all the Expectations people have for me & thanks for your kind words, appreciate it.

  23. Paul Billygraham Reang

    I must say this was an inspirational Interview of an inspirational person. I have met him few months back but he is so friendly & helpful. I must say their is a big struggle behind any success as well humans nature, attitude, & more things…
    He is an perfect example ..
    Many of us are able to learn many things from this kind of fresh interviews.
    Thanks a lot
    Best Regards.

    • Ritesh Sarvaiya

      Dear Paul,

      I am glad to see your thoughts as one of the most respectful & upcoming Blogger in India & first of your own state. Appreciate your saying of helping, I remember one saying that If you help some one to achieve their goals you automatically achieve your own goals. I would like to send my request your way to help upcoming Bloggers as much as you can and one day they will make you India’s #1 Blogger, Amen !!

      I look forward to get connected & take our association to next level.

      Appreciate your time to put thoughts together & have a great start to the week ahead.

      “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

      Ritesh. A. Sarvaiya (Web Security Enthuziast by Heart)
      Founder & CEO, Defencely (My Boss)

  24. Sriram

    Bro, seriously you are awesome. can’t find a word to describe about you. in other words i would say am speechless . :).

    • Ritesh Sarvaiya

      Dear Sriram,

      Thanks for your awesome words & Patience, persistence, and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.

      “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

      Ritesh. A. Sarvaiya (Web Security Enthuziast by Heart)
      Founder & CEO, Defencely (My Boss)

  25. dhiren mehta

    Hi Ritesh..

    What a shift.. I have seen u in school days and then I saw u in many posts .. u r true inspiration for todays generation when in todays mechanical world people hardly dare to DREAM..

    I am so happy to see that you have ur dream and you are living that dream !!!

    Have a wonderful life ahead and keep on being manys dream too..


    Dhiren Mehta

    • Ritesh Sarvaiya

      Hey Dhiran,

      So awesome to see your her buddy. I can’t forgot the School days at all when you use to be Scholar buddy & continue to do well versus I was Lord of the Last Bench :-)

      I appreciate your words & means a lot to me Dhiren, hope you are doing well in Oman.

      We all must follow our passion and make it in most amazing manner.

      You take care & Look forward to meet you in Oman soon, as Defencely is expanding in Middle east in coming days, would love to have your support for that.

      “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

      Ritesh. A. Sarvaiya (Web Security Enthuziast by Heart)
      Founder & CEO, Defencely (My Boss)

  26. Praveen Sharma

    Great achievements and a very inspiring story Ritesh.

    Your success is a great inspiration for all the aspiring achievers in the world, we just need to have faith and confidence on our abilities and dreams- and they will come true one day for sure.

    Have a great life and success ahead.

    • Ritesh Sarvaiya

      Dear Praveen,

      Thanks for your kind words & i am happy that i am source of Inspiration for you buddy. Addition to faith & confidence, Patience & Persistence is key to the success. BIG companies, takes time to build Praveen, if you can personally cultivate skill of Patience, i am certainly sure you will go long way.

      Have a great sunday ahead & look forward to speak with you soon.

      How’s things in Delhi btw ?

      “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

      Ritesh. A. Sarvaiya (Web Security Enthuziast by Heart)
      Founder & CEO, Defencely (My Boss)

  27. Suprabhat

    Hey Swadhin,

    you had come up with a great person who had done a lot of hard work from selling newspaper to become a Owner of Defencly. Really it needs a lot of effort one can’t do it easily.
    I had seen Defencly had been featured on Paypal as well.

    Thanks for sharing such an inspiring interview.

  28. Mehul Vora

    Congratulations Ritesh, You have come a long way and you deserve the best. Regards, Mehul

    • Ritesh Sarvaiya

      Hey Thanks Mehul,

      For dropping by and adding your words, i still remember very well when we use to work Together in Reliance & you use to give me Ride from Ghatkopar to Mahape :-)

      Would like to send my sincere appreciation your way for time to took out to read the Interview, hope everything going well in India :)

      Have a good one buddy ..Cheers

      “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

      Ritesh. A. Sarvaiya (Web Security Enthuziast by Heart)
      Founder & CEO, Defencely (My Boss)

  29. Arpit Gupta

    You deserve this sir nd this gives us inspiration to lead.

  30. SHAILESH gada

    Its a proud feeling to see my childhood buddy reaching new levels of success in all the areas of life. And defencely is certainly a great endeavour by ritesh for the technological driven markets!. Truly inspirational!

    • Ritesh Sarvaiya

      Dear Shailesh,

      So super to see you dropping by :-) I am just giving my best & following my Passion in order to take it Defencely to next level.

      Hope you all are doing well back in India, Have a super weekend & Festive Season Greetings from Team Defencely.

  31. Subodh Kumar Sharma

    Awesome interview,
    Keep sharing for motivation :)

  32. Prakash Srivastava

    I really don’t remember when some 8 years back this person come to me just to buy few bulk sms and recently i saw that he is running some big gadget portal and now he is in web security business i really feel proud of this personality but the biggest thing i found in this person is he still talk like a common man, keep it bro , keep growing

  33. Raj Sukali

    It is Truly Inspiring to see how Ritesh Sarvaiya have Grown from a News paper seller to a CEO of Cloud Security Company, It does show how your Hard work shines IF you are passionate about something, Ritesh is a Great guy Who is Truly Enthusiast about Security , Its Fun to work with him.
    I am Working with DEFENCELY since 1.5 Years as a Senior Security Researcher and have Worked on multiple Projects, we have been Delivering Cloud Security for Top Companies in India and US, They are well Satisfied with our Services. It is a Great Place to learn and we do Research on new Methodologies which Implement’s better security Module For our Clients. Hope to see company Grow Greater Heights in Future.

    Raj Sukali
    Sr. Security Researcher, DEFENCELY

    • Ritesh Sarvaiya

      Dear Raj,

      First of would like to wish you & Family, very Happy Diwali & Prosperous New year

      I am happy being Source of Inspiration in your life. You are the one who Supported Defencely in most Critical of it’s Journey, I would like to thank you for the same. I appreciate your words & I also enjoy working with an Awesome Team member like you.

      You are one of the most Respected/Experienced Security researcher in Indian Community & I would like to send my personal request your way to spread the word with Extremely Talented Security researchers, and make them understand about our Vision, Mission & Journey so far.

      I appreciate your unmatched support to take this Journey ahead & I look forward you to Introduce you to International Team @Defencely soon, have a super weekend ahead & Look forward to talk to you soon.

      “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

      Ritesh. A. Sarvaiya (Web Security Enthuziast by Heart)
      Founder & CEO, Defencely (My Boss)

  34. Shubham singh

    Ritesh sir I’m glad to see you on the path of success

    Special quotes for you Success means doing the best we can with what we have. Success is the doing, not the getting; in the trying, not the triumph. Success is a personal standard, reaching for the highest that is in us, becoming all that we can be.”

    • Ritesh Sarvaiya

      Dear Shubham,

      I am glad to see your comment buddy, how’s Diwali treating you ? One should give best of efforts in life and rest leave on Destiny, if you are Living your passion, believe me no one in this world can stop you reach where you want to be.

      Obstacles will come, in various ways but you need to keep your TARGET intact & one day you will reach for sure.

      Haters will always play vital role, they will hate you, but follow your passion in a manner one day they will start Loving you, that’s the real Entrepreneurship is all about :-)

      “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

      Ritesh. A. Sarvaiya (Web Security Enthuziast by Heart)
      Founder & CEO, Defencely (My Boss)

  35. Shritam Bhowmick

    Hi, I have been a part of Defencely Inc. since past 6 months now and have come to know and experience a lot about the circle and times we are going through. From what I can say, Ritesh and the team had been working very hard to satisfy every aspect of Web Security along with long term services to our clients. Since, none might know me, let me first introduce myself: I am ‘Shritam Bhowmick’, Web Application Security Research (R&D), Application Penetration Tester cum Technical Specialist at Defencely Inc, which now has spread to the US Silicon Valley.

    To let you know, we have been doing great research and ‘penetration tests’, and according to the blog post, one could already see the stats why Indian Web Market has been hampered by silent attacks. It’s easy to look and do a deep statistical research on the fact-sheet and make down number of big giants Defencely Inc. had worked with and helped them recover from these silent attacks. Many have been still vulnerable and equally need to be empowered with the Defencely Red Team Lab formula. About the competition, it’s written very true that our deliverable have always been custom tailored and had never been ‘automated’ since we strictly believe in ‘manual’ penetration tests and had been delivering the same.

    The vision had just taken the sky heights with valuable clients coming in and keeping us busy. We find this job a sheer pleasure since we love what we do here. Creating, innovating, delivering and benefiting the most respectable way. I rarely look down upon the penetration test market in India with *any” manual test been done. The reports had been either nessus, nikto, acunetix or IBM AppScan based re-generated reports or have been middleware manipulated entries. This is an adverse effect to the clients receiving them, thinking they get what they asked for, which is never a ‘successful long term’ business. We are proud that, we had been serving our client original penetration test which go through a lot of manual tests and custom tailored ‘vulnerability detection’ techniques which are just beyond the OWASP Top 10 procedures or that of WASC. Since, many of you reading this over here would not know the technical differences, or I hope you do know; both of these methodologies have differences. There are NIST, and many more methodologies. At Defencely Inc. we created our own which has all the qualities right from the knee to the top of the deliverance of the deliverable.

    One statement to sum up it all ‘we really face competition, since we have innovated something new, never experienced before’. Hope this does make a difference and oh, welcome new-boarders.

    • Ritesh Sarvaiya

      Dear Shritam,

      You are one of the Most respected & Experienced Security researcher from Indian community, I am feeling Proud that Defencely has a team member like you & kind of contribution which you are doing is worth SALUTE from me. I have no words to appreciate your support which is coming these days.

      I would like to request you to spread the word in Indian Researchers community & I would love to get Extra Ordinary researchers on board, who will be working under your awesome supervision.

      Take care of your self, GOD BLESS & Do Well :-)

      “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

      Ritesh. A. Sarvaiya (Web Security Enthuziast by Heart)
      Founder & CEO, Defencely (My Boss)

  36. Chiranjeevi

    Ritesh Sir has been a great inspiration to me and have always gained great experience working with him and learning things.

    • Ritesh Sarvaiya

      Dear Chiranjeevi,

      I am delighted to know that i am kind of inspiration in your life & yes i have always enjoyed working with you, we have ton of common friends from Past working together, i would like to request you to kindly share this Post with each one of them Individually, i am sure they will also feel Inspired in some or other way.

      “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

      Ritesh. A. Sarvaiya (Web Security Enthuziast by Heart)
      Founder & CEO, Defencely (My Boss)

  37. Shilpa gohil

    Great story. An inspiration for many young kids

    • Ritesh Sarvaiya

      Hey Shilpa,

      Great to see your after a long time, thanks for dropping by :-) If you are in touch with any Somaiya Friends, kildy share with them & let’s reconnect some time in India or USA.

      Wishing you Happy Diwali & great year start ahead…

  38. Aamir Sohail

    Great very inspiring story what a passion he had learned so many things.

    • Ritesh Sarvaiya

      Thanks Aamir for your Kind words :-) Passion is the only thing which should be your Driving Force.

  39. Abhishek kumar jha

    Inspiring, hardwork pays :)

    • Ritesh Sarvaiya

      Dear Abhishek,

      Yes i agree Hardwork pays :-) at the same time you need to be Smart enough to keep your haters as your single source of Inspiration & move ahead in life, thanks for dropping by :-) I look forward to connect with you soon to take our talks to next level.

      “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

      Ritesh. A. Sarvaiya (Web Security Enthuziast by Heart)
      Founder & CEO, Defencely (My Boss)

  40. Ritesh Sarvaiya

    Dear Bishal,

    I am glad that i am some kind of Inspiration in your life. I would like to send my Wishes your way to become a Successful Person in life & Most importantly don’t leave your passion.

    You have a long way to achieve Success in life, do well & have a Blessed life ahead.

    “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

    Ritesh. A. Sarvaiya (Web Security Enthuziast by Heart)
    Founder & CEO, Defencely (My Boss)

  41. Ritesh Sarvaiya

    Dear Swadhin,

    Thanks for accepting my request to cover this story, which certainly will inspire thousands of upcoming Blogger & Entrepreneurs across India & world.

    As an Indian by heart i am excited to see this going live during most Auspicious days of Diwali. Would like to wish you all the best for your Journey & Look forward.

    “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

    Ritesh. A. Sarvaiya (Web Security Enthuziast by Heart)
    Founder & CEO, Defencely (My Boss)

  42. Jigar gala

    Luv U Ritesh proud to be ur childhood friend

    • Ritesh Sarvaiya

      Hey Jigar :-)

      Thank you so much for dropping by buddy. Wishing you a very Happy Diwali buddy. I can’t forget our Childhood days, Appreciate your words here.

      Regards to all back home buddy, hope you are doing well in India.

      Have a great weekend ahead buddy, Cheers.

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