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Quick tips to increase ROI in marketing through twitter.

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Twitter has the water your “ROI Plant” needs, you just need to put little efforts.

Social Media Marketing is an important component of the marketing plan for advertisers as it is a great way to reach the target audiences and sell their products and services. One of the most important social media sites for marketing is Twitter. Most marketing teams use twitter to spread the message about their marketing propositions to the public at large. There are many features that are included in Twitter that helps marketers sell their products or services better and increase their ROI. The following are some of the features that help marketers increase their ROI on Twitter:

Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists help to manage your contacts and fan base on Twitter. You can create Twitter Lists to segment your fans on Twitter. Then you can send customized tweets to different lists depending on the type of promotion you are looking to do through Twitter. For example, regular customers for your products can be placed in one Twitter List. Then they can send customized tweets for special offers and coupons just for the regular customers.

List.ly is a social list curating tool that has arrived newly on the social media platform. The website offers you to create a list of literally anything, from food, to favorite movies, from clothes to top 500 SEO bloggers, anything. You can further add and delete members from lists of others you have subscribed to, a feature that twitter doesn’t yet allow.

Trending Tweets

Remaining active on twitter is very important to get visibility for your twitter account. Great interesting writing helps but also participating in the latest topics of conversation is very important to make the audience visit the site. Every day there are ome topics that trend on Twitter depending on the key events happening around the world. Participating in the conversation gives your twitter account more visibility and a great target audience.

You could simply add a group of potential words to twitter’s advanced search tools and LO! you can filter tweets that have, don’t have the specified words among other options etc. Now you have your target audience right in front of your eyes, go and contact them, start a conversation or simply solve their problems by replying to their tweets.

Remain Active and Engage Audiences

Talk to potential clients and customers for your products or services via twitter. Also people who like your products or services often give testimonials which will help in return to sell your product. Use favorites to save these and use them to further promote your marketing proposition. Use Promoted Tweets to increase visibility and further market your value proposition on Twitter.

Use of Good Media Content

Sharing links and adding photos and images to your Twitter Account for promotion purposes makes a lot of sense. Also tagging key clients, customers or even bloggers and employees that will retweet your photo tweet is a great idea. Twitter photo collages are also a great promotion tool for your business through Twitter.
You can reach millions of customer through Twitter today and there is a great likelihood that your target audience is on Twitter. Above were some of the features offered by Twitter that will help marketing of products and services through Twitter and increase the ROI.

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