Michael Hyatt reveals how he grew his blog from 0 to 350,000 visitors per month [inspiring video]

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At DigitalGYD, I always am eager to share tips and tricks that will help you market yourself online in a better and fruitful way. And, today is no different.

Today’s featured content is a video from one of the world’s most influential blogger, publisher and speaker, Michael Hyatt.

I was lucky to have found his blog when I was just a beginner in blogging and got to learn a lot about blogging from his posts. He is very straightforward and relevant.

Even if Michael is a NYT bestseller, one of the top influential people online, his blog and his posts are so down to earth and this is what makes him so relatable to novice bloggers as well as expert bloggers.

I am sure you it will help you avoid common blogging mistakes that you would otherwise tend to make.

Let’s head over to the video now!


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9 thoughts on “Michael Hyatt reveals how he grew his blog from 0 to 350,000 visitors per month [inspiring video]”

  1. Thanks for sharing your this video Swadhin. Hope you’re doing great in your ventures.

    • Hi Leena, It’s great to see you here. Yes they are doing good. How are your projects going on? :)

  2. Excellent video! I normally try to avoid successful blogging how tos as they cause a lot of stress and head shaking, but it was on my heart to click this link. If there is anything I can take from this, it’s the obvious hang in there, and the huge emphasis on having a platform which I translate to social media. Oh and that traffic on your blog builds up gradually but keep going & it will go through the roof one day. Cheers!

  3. This is truly inspiring. I hope I can follow in your footsteps sir.

  4. Hi Swadhin,

    I am great fan of Michael Hyatt, I subscribed to his YouTube and regularly watch all his videos, and I am very happy that you are venturing into a second blog, I wish you all the success, thanks for sharing the information.

  5. Thanks for sharing this video Swadhin. Great to know that you are working on two new projects. Good luck for them.

  6. Really inspiring Swadhin. And Your blog’s new look is awesome :)

  7. Thanks for sharing this motivational video. I am bookmarking this post for listening the video later today. Best of luck for your new venture. It’s great to know you are embarking on this journey with a helping mindset.
    I just visited your new site. You have chosen a wonderful genesis theme. Always there for your help, Swadhin. Waiting for your newsletter :-)

  8. Thanks for sharing that vid, Swadhin. I wish you all the best for your future ventures. And you know I’m always there to help you with anything I can. :)


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