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Interview with Nirmala Santhakumar of

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Hello Readers, I am overwhelmed with your support and love for this blog and am launching a new “Interview” section . And I could not have a better guest than Nirmala Santhakumar who blogs at . Her simplicity makes her approachable and she helps every one who asks for her guidance. She has successfully been founder of many other blogs apart from her present Tech blog and is a successful freelance writer too.

Interview with Nirmala Santhakumar
Nirmala Santhakumar of

Q1. Hello Nirmala Madam, a warm welcome over here at You have also been guiding the Digital Lives of thousand of your readers, please tell us something about yourself and your journey as a blogger?

Hi everyone, I am  Nirmala, a part-time blogger. I have been blogging since 2009. I am a friendly person who hates to sit idle and have interest to help others.  Writing is my favorite hobby and I like to write about technical stuffs. I completed my B.E in 2002 and got married in the same year. Due to some personal constraints, I was nudged to choose the work from home option and found some reliable sources of making money by using my writing skill. Through an internet marketer, I came to know about blogging. I started to blog in familiar niches like health, beauty & online money making and monetized them with Google AdSense. Due to Google algorithms my BlogSpot blogs were badly hit and my earnings got diminished. So I decided to learn about some fundamental blogging materials and hence connected with many bloggers through Facebook. After I gained some knowledge, I founded MyMagicFundas last year with the help of my inspiring blogger, Atish Ranjan.

Q2. Being a online entrepreneur and writer  tell us about your favorite gadget, current phone and favorite apps that simply you cannot live without.

My most beloved electronic gadget is laptop. I have learned so many beneficial things with that portable  gadget.  On an average, I spend 9-10 hours daily with my laptop. Truly speaking, I don’t own  a smart phone. Being a homemaker, I do have lot of responsibilities and I need take care of my family. Moreover, I want to learn some valuable blogging things and hence I give preference to connect with other bloggers. So I have no time to spend with smart phone and or any apps for that matter.

Q3. Had you at first started blogging on blogger and then migrated to WP? If yes please share the experience of transition.?

Yes, My blogging journey started in blogspot blogs. I had 4 blogs and maintained them for 2 years. As I already specified, they were badly affected by Google algorithms.  MyMagicfundas is a new blog founded by me with a great support from Atish Ranjan.

Q4. You have an awesome community of other great bloggers how important is such a relationship building and what are your views of need of a mentor in blogging?

Yes of course! Network with other bloggers is one of the key successes of blogging. I have expert’s tips category in my blog and approach some great internet marking & blogging experts to provide there valuable tips for my readers. Moreover, my active participation in various blogging communities like Bizsugar,  Blokube and Dospalsh assists me to associate with famous bloggers.
 I am in connection with some great foreign bloggers and I do regular blog commenting on their blogs. It helps me to drive traffic from overseas and I used to share their valuable posts on my network. In simple words, I would say that the relationship with other bloggers will help to take the blog to next level.
Yes, it is good to have a mentor in blogging to clear the doubts. I never hesitate to hit the mailbox of my mentor (Atish Ranjan) to post my queries and act as per his suggestion. Even though he is busy with his regular job and personal works, he responds to my queries well and I feel blessed for it.

Additionally, if you think mentoring is essential can you please tell our readers if they can get help in today’s world of money minded blog consultancy which newbies can’t really afford.

I don’t know exact answer for this question. But I would say that most of the bloggers have great attitude to help others. Atish, Adam, Reginald, Ankit, Kulwant, Enstine Muki sir are some of the great bloggers who are well-known in the blogosphere for their helping tendency.

Q5. What are your views on SEO in 2014 and what tips you would give to our readers?

Searching engine algorithms are changing continuously. According to my point of view, doing keyword research, offering clear &valuable materials to the readers, basic SEO (on-page SEO) and upright social signals are essential for every blog post.  Likewise, I believe that the blog comments have relation with SEO and thus I would try to engage my visitors to share their thoughts/views by asking questions related to the blog post.  Commenting is like editing the post and hence I do reply for every comment with some keywords and its synonyms (not for every comment, but for some).  It helps me to improve my SERP. Other than that, building reliable backlinks through Guest blogging through helpful posts is a good SEO factor.

Q6. Are you associated with any other projects besides mymagicfundas ? If yes, please share with us.

No, I am having only one blog but have planned to start a tech blog along with a blog for health & beauty. To improve my writing skill and to keep myself updated with recent tech stuffs, I write posts for some tech blogs.

Q7. How did you start as a freelance writer and what landed you your first writing gig.?

I started my freelance writing service in 2010 in iwriter and Fiverr. Because of the clarity in writing by covering key points, I got appreciation from my clients and they started assigning bulk writing projects to me. But once I got into blogging seriously, I decided to stop working for them.

Q8. Being a pro-blogger what were the biggest challenges then and now as far as your blogging is concerned?

I’m still in the learning mode and getting only 4-5 hours of time to blog per day. Till now I have not had any issues with my blog and it has had 90% organic traffic with 10% referral traffic.  By mistake, I had once included a copy right image in a blog post. I got warning from Google and the Adsense ads were temporarily disable last year. Then I removed that post and appealed through a proper way to reinstate the ads. So I’ve started to use Pixler, an online image editing tool to edit the images and give proper credits then and there to the website from where I take the images from.

Q9. What monetization techniques have you implemented on Mymagicfundas .

Currently I have monetized my blog with Google AdSense and have been getting regular paid post opportunities. As of now, I am concentrating to improve my traffic for my blog and on getting sincere advices from co-bloggers to start AM. So, I’ll start doing the same for some reliable products or services soon.

Q11. What are your views about DigitalGYD what would you suggest for improvement?

Limitation of time is my biggest concern and thus I’m missing chance to visit so many valuable blogs. To be frank, I’m not regular to your blog. But will analyze your blog post and let you know my thoughts/suggestions.

Q12. Any advice to the readers regarding freelance writing assuming that they are good at writing? What should they do and where should they connect to get a writing job online?

I specially recommend iwriter to the people who are good at writing. They’re paying good and their payments are prompt. Other than that, Fiverr can be used to promote the writing skill as a Gig. Starting a blog in familiar area is also a good option to show case the writing talent. I have refused so many writing offers due to my time constrains. I got those job proposals through my blog and hence I would say that blogging is the best way to make money with writing skill.

Thank you madam, for the super relatable words and giving you valuable tips to our readers. You are really looked forth by many newcomers and giving your precious time to answer the queries of them will surely benefit them in their online endeavors.

I know that time is really a constraint for reading blogs and appreciate your honest answer that you haven’t got the chance to visit DigitalGYD yet, Still hoping that you will do it once you are free and give your valuable suggestions. 

Over to you Readers,

Hope you are super inspired and got so many tips and tricks from Nirmala madam. She is so helpful that she never hesitates to help fellow bloggers and If you have doubt in any forms you can visit her site MyMagicFundas and connect with her on Google+. You can post your queries here in the comment section too.

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