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How to write epic blog posts that rank well

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Killer tricks to write epic posts that rank high in SERPS

Do you ever wish to rank your posts in the SERPs. You must have done extensive research, wrote a 1000-1500 words post, shared it to your social networks and still whats the result? You don’t rank on for your targeted keyword. Then the question is how do you get search engine rankings. How to rank your posts at the first page of Google. If you have a similar query then your search is over and here is the answer to rank your site to the first page or may be the first rank of Google.

There is an universal law for blogging- “Content is the KING”. And yes it still holds true. After all we don’t organize a blog carnival for Bots its always done for readers, for humans. But many times even if we write extensive guides stuffed with keywords for current trending topics the result is a fifth or sixth page position and guess what it is no better than a 100th page SERPs. No one ever dives into the 3rd or 4th page of Google even. Even if we rank for that particular post we are kicked out by the authority sites no mater we have written the post much prior to theirs’.

So, wheres the catch? How to rank your site amongst the best players of the niche or even more how to  surpass their rankings.? This “Ranking King’s” chariot runs on two wheels (of course there are horses but wheels are what hold the chariot )

1) SEO Techniques (Search engine optimization)

Now if you are a non SEO type guy like me :) there are experts in the field who are ever ready with helping hands.
+Ana Hoffman   of is a coffee lover but she also makes great recipes of generating traffic to your blog. Check out her post on how Non-SEOs can do effective SEO in just seven key steps.

2) Content – remember I had told in the beginning “Content Is king”.

Now when the above SEO is done you need to write killer content. It includes:

1) Crafting a killer headline: In today’s world every second person is so busy that they simply skim the contents without reading the content deep within. The headline here decides if they should dive into the post or not. Yes, Just like you do when reading a newspaper with the morning coffee.

2) Personalization of the post.: Using of ideas to write a story can glue the readers to their tablet screens. Similarly, addressing to the reader in singular and utilizing of emoticons can drive a personal connect between you and the reader. Having said this, beware who you are writing the post for it is not advisable to put emoticons on a serious blog on national defense or finance and vice verse.

3)Ask your readers to do something. Yes call t action words like “submit this”, “share to a network ” , “hurry” can bring a lot of difference to the non reactive reader.

4) Social shares can also effect the best search engine rankings,if not directly, indirectly. Sharing your content with a large audience can actually bring your posts to potential readers who might link to them via their content.
Here is a epic guide by +Adam Connell  who shares over a hundred Bite-sized tips to get more social shares and ultimately more traffic, more link backs and more lucrative rankings.

Hope this helps in certain way but this is an overview of what should be done. Please comment below the techniques you prefer to write killer posts and rank your sites on search engines. :)

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