How to write epic blog posts that rank well

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Killer tricks to write epic posts that rank high in SERPS

Do you ever wish to rank your posts in the SERPs. You must have done extensive research, wrote a 1000-1500 words post, shared it to your social networks and still whats the result? You don’t rank on for your targeted keyword. Then the question is how do you get search engine rankings. How to rank your posts at the first page of Google. If you have a similar query then your search is over and here is the answer to rank your site to the first page or may be the first rank of Google.

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There is an universal law for blogging- “Content is the KING”. And yes it still holds true. After all we don’t organize a blog carnival for Bots its always done for readers, for humans. But many times even if we write extensive guides stuffed with keywords for current trending topics the result is a fifth or sixth page position and guess what it is no better than a 100th page SERPs. No one ever dives into the 3rd or 4th page of Google even. Even if we rank for that particular post we are kicked out by the authority sites no mater we have written the post much prior to theirs’.

So, wheres the catch? How to rank your site amongst the best players of the niche or even more how to  surpass their rankings.? This “Ranking King’s” chariot runs on two wheels (of course there are horses but wheels are what hold the chariot )

1) SEO Techniques (Search engine optimization)

Now if you are a non SEO type guy like me :) there are experts in the field who are ever ready with helping hands.
+Ana Hoffman   of is a coffee lover but she also makes great recipes of generating traffic to your blog. Check out her post on how Non-SEOs can do effective SEO in just seven key steps.

2) Content – remember I had told in the beginning “Content Is king”.

Now when the above SEO is done you need to write killer content. It includes:

1) Crafting a killer headline: In today’s world every second person is so busy that they simply skim the contents without reading the content deep within. The headline here decides if they should dive into the post or not. Yes, Just like you do when reading a newspaper with the morning coffee.

2) Personalization of the post.: Using of ideas to write a story can glue the readers to their tablet screens. Similarly, addressing to the reader in singular and utilizing of emoticons can drive a personal connect between you and the reader. Having said this, beware who you are writing the post for it is not advisable to put emoticons on a serious blog on national defense or finance and vice verse.

3)Ask your readers to do something. Yes call t action words like “submit this”, “share to a network ” , “hurry” can bring a lot of difference to the non reactive reader.

4) Social shares can also effect the best search engine rankings,if not directly, indirectly. Sharing your content with a large audience can actually bring your posts to potential readers who might link to them via their content.

Hope this helps in certain way but this is an overview of what should be done. Please comment below the techniques you prefer to write killer posts and rank your sites on search engines. :)

Hi, I'm Swadhin Agrawal, founder & MD of Value Intent Media Pvt. Ltd. With DigitalGYD we aim at helping bloggers start, grow and scale their blogs to profitable businesses.

12 thoughts on “How to write epic blog posts that rank well”

  1. read that too & found very useful…….. thank you.

  2. Hey Swaviman thanks for coming here. Its great that you liked this post. Do read the linked post of @ana Hoffman for SEO resources. It is a huge blog.

    Most welcome :) keep visiting

  3. VERY INFORMATIVE ONE. I would like to recomend it to the newbie bloggers….. Thank you Swadhin Bro for this post.

  4. hi Swadhin,
    This post is wonderful, I am a new Blogger and follow your blog regularly. SEO is must part of a blog, If there is no SEO it means no blog.

    • Hi Yogesh Welcome to the blog Though you have been following it This is the first time we are connecting here and it is a pleasure having you on the blog.

      You are right but just remember one simple thing write your blog for the READERS after all bots don’t read your blog.

  5. Hi Swadhin,

    Yes indeed, ranking your posts isn’t as easy nowadays as it was earlier :)

    I think with time, things have changed a great deal, especially with Google forever changing it’s way of SEO and keywords usage. Variation is the key I would say, and sometimes, even when I don’t use any SEO, I see my posts come on page 1 and page 2 of Google – wonder how that works?! So, I came to the conclusion that it’s not only and always SEO that Google sees to rank your blog. There are several other factors too, isn’t it?

    I agree with your other points too – if you write your titles with a killer headline, it’d surely catch people’s attention, and they’d land on your blog through the search engines as well as social media networks. Of course, nothing to match quality content, and if you have the apt images, well formatted posts, some color and quotes, it does get a lot of social shares too.

    Great to see Ana and Adam mentioned here. Yes, Ana loves coffee…lol…and her posts are awesome, so full of information, aren’t they?

    Thanks for sharing. Happy weekend :)

    • Hello Harleena madam,
      Great comment that really added value to the post. Yes I agree with you whole heartedly that SEO has been changing and it has to be changed to keep the malwares and wicked content with black-hat SEO away from ranks.

      Agin I would say anyone who has any experience in blogging would agree to the fact that its not the SEO that matters in ranking everytime. The main key is content. Content that is unique and valuable, Content that is reader friendly. Thhis will lead to organic link building strategies.

      Killer headlines are very important not only in the sales business but also in the reading and blog world too.

      Ana and Adam are experts just like you you all are so very filled with lot of knowledge each of his niche and are a pool of information for the readers as well as other bloggers.

  6. Hi Swanadip,

    Thank you for the visit here. Its your second visit and I am glad you liked this post as well.

    I know if Content is king then SEO is the QUEEN and we can’t run a kingdom without each other. That’s why I have included Ana Hoffman’s post there as it covers the SEO part in a detailed manner. :)

  7. Good post Swadhin, needful for bloggers!

    As Mi Muba told, quality content, SEO and SMO matters a lot and thus they need to focused. But I wanna say, if they are over focused, it would be hard to get rank on search engines. Yes, i experienced this before many times. So, writing posts in normal language bu including the useful links in a natural manner would help the blog posts to rank better on search engines.

    • Hello Nirmala madam,
      Welcome to the blog and very glad to see you after a looong time.

      I also completely agree Mi sir and SMO is as important as SEO and these two are in return equally important just as content.

      More of anything is bad as they say “too much sweet attracts the worms” like it too much over optimization makes us appear as automated spamming sites from the GOOGLE’s point of view and then all the hard work is nulled.

      Thank you for visiting.

  8. Hi Swadhin

    Very relevant post especially for those who are still eyeing how long Google will put their post on top of the rank.

    Contents, SEO and SMO are the three pillars that lift your each blog post to the top of Google rank. It’s order is also exactly the same.

    It is widely said things have changed a lot in blogosphere in terms of traffic and earning. Yes it did but from on-page SEO point of view nothing is changed. It is same as previous.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this very informative post.

    • Hello Mi sir, Thank you for the visit and taking time to read the post of mine. I really feel great as you are always the first to comment on the post,even thogh I hardly comment on yours as I am browsing from mobile .

      This an another universal truth as Content, SEO & SMO are the pillars on which one’s success in blogging rests. If a person asters these three or at least manages to do them correctly one is assured of success.

      Yeah blog SEO, Traffic and earnings are always on a changing plea. What worked before 3-4 years is completely irrelevent today. So sites like trafficgenerationcafe,Google’s own blog and Matthew woodward’s are the best informing them.

      Thank you indeed for paying a visit over here. :)

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