How to make money online using twitter.

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How to make money online using twitter


Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey says,”Our mission is to instantly connect people everywhere to what’s more meaningful to them.”

Twitter has around 9100 tweets per second summing up to 1 billion tweets in just five days. Around 40% of twitter’s 645.7 million active registered users watch others tweet without themselves tweeting any (are you one of them ?) Anyways this represents a NO LESS audience for the proper exposure of your business.

It is not impossible to have 1 or two million followers in just a month or two and more followers will definitely help you to promote your business, building your mailing list or sell your affiliate products.

Today I am showing you the top six ways to monetize twitter followers and get huge revenues from your followers. This ideas have been gotten from the famous book “The Laptop Millionaire” by Mark Anastasi. I will be giving a detailed review of the book in my next posts, but to introduce, this book is the Bible of online money making from blog for beginners. You can buy the book from Flipkart here.

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1. Promote your business to your followers :
Some of the methods showing how you can promote your online/offline business on twitter healthily are as follows.
a) Send Tweets: Twitter allows you to send tweets to your followers(prospects, fans, clients etc.) to stay in touch with one another. We can utilize this feature to send tweets about our business to our followers in order to promote our blog, website or business.These may help you to end upon finding potential customers who are willing to business with you and thereby you make profits.
b) Increase your email list: Email list building is a very popular business strategy every blog/website should follow. It not only helps you to gain dedicated customers (because only the people that are genuinely impressed by your business will decide subscribing you ) that are potential sources of profit for you. In order to gain most number you can send tweets of offers, discounts or results of giveaways that you will be posting to your email lists only. This will attract the customers who want to avail the offer and they will subscribe to your list. Don’t forget to give the URL of your email service at the end of the tweet.

2. Promote affiliate products to your twitter followers :
This is the ultimate monetization strategy followed by most tweeter power users. You could also make hundreds of dollars if not  thousands, by just tweeting your affiliate link of products to the potential followers.
a) For this what you have to d is set up your twitter id on the niche you are related to. Now you can use twitter’s Who-To-Follow feature of twitter and find people of your niche related to the feature you offer.
b) now go on and start following them and you are sure to get an average of 30-40% follow backs. (Warning- don,t over do the feature or your twitter account may get banned)
c) Start selling your affiliate products to these customers and you can get a good profit.

3. The Direct response approach :
This is a very effective twitter strategy that helps you even if you have few or no followers. What you have to do is just type the relevant tweet that your potential clients might use. for example, “I need a job”, “fed up with belly fat”, “my headphone sucks” and many more. You are sure to get hundreds of tweets from people that typed the particular sentence all you have to do is direct reply them your product that you think might help them to reduce their problem. about 50% people are sure to click on the link given they don’t look spammy.

4. Sell your tweets to advertisers :
If you have more than 10,000 genuine twitter followers you can easily get anywhere between 6-10$ by selling your tweets. Imagine having 10 twitter accounts with an average of 10,000 followers each you could make a decent 50-60$ a day.(A good way to start right.?).

I am listing a few sites that don’t mind paying you to just retweet their tweets to your own followers:
1) Twtmob

5. Buy Twitter Traffic :
These is the same strategy as number four above but in the reverse order. Just as you choose to sell your reach and followers on twitter to others in the above step all you have to do is buy tweets for yourselves from the advertisers and drive all the traffic to your website.
Just last month I gave a Fiverr agent 5$ to tweet my offer to his followers and believe me I got a decent amount by his followers buying this product.

Bonus tip : what 90% of people think is as social networking sites are free they will generate sales for free but Please be smart and invest as a business and eat the ripe fruits over.

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16 thoughts on “How to make money online using twitter.”

  1. Hi Swadhin,

    That’s a great post on how to make money from Twitter. In the 4th point, you mentions selling tweets to advertisers, for implementing this strategy multiple Twitter account management will be required. Do you suggest any software for the same, or would you rather do it manually?

  2. Hi Swadhin,

    Nice and informative post. I never thought we can use Twitter for making money too. I have never tried these but will let you know if at all I try any of these in future. :)

    Rohan Chaubey.

  3. Hi Bro,

    How bad it is that I missed this post?? or forgot reading it? Thank you so much the list fo sites that you have mentioned. Will try all of them.

    Have a good day :)

  4. Hello Swadhin,

    Indeed a useful article. Everybody often get such kind of email related to make money online and in every blogger’s mind one common question flash how to make money online. Bloggers try to make money through Google Adsense or from affiliate marketing. You have mention here a new way to making money. You also describe it very well. Thanks so much for sharing these tips.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Moumita Ghosh

  5. Hi Swadhin,

    Awesome post man. You really need to work hard to taste your sip of success. After all money doesn’t come easily.some of the methods you mentioned are new to me. Will try to implement those and share my experience.


  6. Hi Swadhin,

    All the five methods mentioned by you are great. Now, I have to pay attention to it. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Awesome! This is great.. Also, you can sell tweets using BuySellTweets, a branch of BuySellAds! It is also cool…

  8. What a great idea! using twitter, now we may make money online . Thanks for the idea

  9. Hello Swadhin,

    This is one of the best article to earn money from twitter. You have really written awesome content . I specially liked your second point “Promote affiliate products to your twitter followers”. Really its an awesome way to promote our product.

    • Hi Meenakshi,
      Welcome to the blog friend. Its a pleasure to have friends on the blog, isn’t it.

      Thank you for liking the post and believe me affiliate products on twitter works like anything. You can also buy a fiverr gig to promote your post on other people’s twitter accounts but be careful nowadays people buy fiverr gigs and see fake twitter profiles. The seller might have baught fake followers by services for 1$ or 2$ and this will not work or ask him to track the clicks by including an URL shortner service like or

      Thank you for the visit and keep coming.

  10. Very nice Swadhin, I like your article on making money with Twitter but I think it is very tough though.

    • Hello Pawan, very glad to know that you liked the article and yes these are very great topics on the omline methods of money making. though they are tough we hardly make real money from easy ways right?
      Hard work and the money paid is real awesome.
      Please keep coming for much such articles.

  11. Hey Agrawal, it’s so nice to be here on your blog. You have a nice place brother! :)

    Speaking about your post, this indeed are sure ways of making money via twitter. I have not tried them yet but I soon will be trying them.

    Thanks for the share!

    • Hello Sam a Cordial welcome to you bro.
      thank you for the compliment and I am glad that you liked my blog.
      these tips are very effective and trust me you will surely make a good bunch of money following these tips.

  12. Hello Hedi, Its great to have you on the blog . It is really happy to be greeted from Indonesian bloggers and wish everyone on my behalf.

    this method really works and I am happy that some one round the world is recognizing my efforts please keep visiting my blog.

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