How to find the purpose of your life book

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How to find the purpose of your life


Thank you for taking the effort to know more about my upcoming book How To Find The Purpose of my life“! 

Thinking why you need to find your purpose in life? Read my post?

This is a brief introduction to  my book and there is a free bonus for you (at the end of the post).

What is my book “How to find the purpose of your life book” about?

My upcoming book is  about finding your purpose in life? The goals you should set and the ways you should trot to achieve them. I know, there are a million plus one things already said about life and purpose everywhere in the internet, and that’s lovely too.

But, my book doesn’t promise any technique to get your goals and purposes from magic like we all did as kids with Santa.

I am just 25 but I have seen a LOT in life. I have been through phases where I wandered, like hay, with every wind that blew. Within this time I have seen four careers, failed in three of them and my dream career never happened to see daylight.

Having said that, I am today in a profession that I relate to. Living a life that I feel I am made for and having a clear BHAG (remember BHAG, You just read it on my guest post on Aha!NOW) for my upcoming phase in life. I want you to do this in your life. Learn to hear your calling and achieve your goals.

Click the image below so that you be the first person to know when the book is out. :)

how to find your calling in life

Why should this book matter to you?

My book is not only about my journey towards discovering my calling, moreover it’s about how you can discover your purpose in life. When I started I had no one to teach me, walk by me, but I want you to take lessons from my failures. This book is for you if:

  • You are fed up with your monotonous life.
  • Want to discover your purpose in life.
  • Learn to hear your inner voice.
  • Cut your time wandering by learning from my journey.
  • Embark on a journey that ultimately gives you what you deserve from life.
  • Give a meaning to your life and work towards achieving it.

What others are saying?

I haven’t talked much about my book prior to this. But, the below image shows how my book was welcomed when I first announced it on Facebook.

how to find the purpose of your life book
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When can you avail the “How to find your purpose in life book“?

I am working day night on the book, but I believe quality matters more than time. I have scheduled the book to be live by the end of this year. Click here to get notified when the book is out.

Your Bonus gift!

I value you, for being with me in this journey. But, more than that I value your journey towards discovering your goal. So, I will give you free assistance and try to solve whatever is nagging your existence.

Have a problem finding what your life is turning into? Is there something that is killing your peace of mind?

Just click the image below and I will reply you and we (both you and me) see what can be done and how things should work out.

(This is free of charge and doesn’t not compel you to buy my book to avail this service from me)

how to find the purpose of your life book

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