How to export and download your Orkut Data safely

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Google bids farewell to its sinking social networking platform Orkut. Almost everyone of us have been active on Orkut some years back but have ruthlessly shifted our loyalty to Facebook that too originated the same year Orkut did. The service will finally be shutdown on  September 30, 2014. Here is a detailed guide on how  to export your Orkut data including profile information, photos, testimonials, and community posts.
Google Takeout

Click here to read the full story on Orkut’s shutdown.

You cannot create any more new Orkut accounts from now but can do these things without any problems.

What you can do with your Orkut account till September 30?

  • Log in and use your account as you used to.
  • Play games, write testimonials (remember testimonials ?.. we used to write friends testimonials in return for the same on our profile Open-mouthed smile) and increase your scraps(we used to have compititions on who has the highest number of scraps).
  • Post to communities and export your data.


How to download Orkut data:

  1. Visit Google Takeout. (It is the portal through which you can export your Data and credentials associated with Google products).
  2. Go to choose services and then select Orkut.
  3. click on Create Archive. You will be notified when by email as soon as the process is completed.
  4. Click on download and you can now save an ZIP file which has HTML files and pictures in JPEG format.
  5. You can now use these data to import to any compatible social networking site.(Remember the way you did transfer your Reader data to Feedly).

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6 thoughts on “How to export and download your Orkut Data safely”

  1. Hi Swadhin,

    Good to be over at your blog once again after my little break :)

    Yes, I read about the closing of Orkut at a few other blogging friend’s blogs and was rather amazed as to why they would want to close something that’s been there for years. It makes one wonder that nothing stays forever, and we shouldn’t be dependent on anything, isn’t it? It also means that one day there might be no Twitter, Facebook, G+ – ah…what bliss in a way :)

    I liked the way you explained how we can save the data on Orkut, though I wonder if I’d be doing that as I was just sharing my posts there. More so, Orkut hasn’t been opening my end for a few weeks now, so getting through the account would be another problem. If such a site closes and everyone loses their data, how does it harm us? I mean just links, like we share on FB or G+. Just wondering if I should really make an attempt to save all my old posts, but what for? Let me know :)

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

    • Hello @Harleena Singh maam, Very glad to see you here and the fact that you liked my representation is an icing on the cake. :)
      Yes nothing is permanent here and Big platforms close their products (the one’s that no more bring them bucks) every now and then.

      They tend not to care less (or perhaps zero) for the consumers that were attached to them and had been the sole reason for the success of the product.

      If you don’t have any personal posts or conversation , or file then it is absolute worthless to download the data that had in a way been dead 2-3 years ago. Backing up is for them who must have uploaded any pic, video, or post that they had not shared anywhere else and the closing of the project would mean them a loss.

      For example- Orkut was a high fave during my Grad time and as I had no PC then I used to upload all the pictures of hostel life and Picnic in the Orkut platform. So, I should download them lest I would lose them after the death of Orkut.

      Have a great week ahead maam. :)

  2. Hi Swadhin
    This is really very important for those who have been active at Orkut for several years and have developed a big data there. It can’t be directly shifted to any peer product because of the compatibility issue but yes the best solution is to export it and save it with yourself before the service goes fully down.
    You well explained each point in very layman language as to make it work for all regardless of someone is techie or non-techie.
    Thanks for writing a post on a very timely topic and sharing it for the benefit of your blog readers. Thank you indeed.

    • Hello Mi Muba Sir,
      Thank you for the appreciation and believe me these kind words of you inspire me to do better each time.
      As you said many of us were very active on orkut and moreover We have shared 100s of posts, childish scraps and great memories on the site. Before it goes down it is essential to back up al the data as memories are a treasure for life.

  3. It is noticed that data of individual user can be archived and downloaded.
    My question is, if a community is created and data of all the users is in that community.
    How whole discussion in the community can be downloaded ?
    Kindly suggest the solution …I would be obliged for that.

    • Dear Arvind, thanks for visiting DigitalGYD. You are welcome over here. the problem is that Google takeout gives only permission to download your data even if its in a community. However you are not allowed to download data referring to others in any community.
      Yes there is a workaround and its that Google will store all data in an archive and you can access your data from there till now we are not sure about the location but Google wild disclose the space of storage very soon.

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