Five essential books every blogger writer must read.

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Writers and bloggers (authors of the web), rely on words to frame their knowledge that can be grasped by the readers. And in order to sell and keep your audiences engaged you need to remember only one rule “Content is king”. Not everyone was a born writer and in order to sculpt yourself into one you need guidance, of the experts of the influencers in the niche and of the authors of the best sellers n the web. today I present you some of the best books that every writer and blogger must read and follow in order to fine tune your writing skills.

Writing has been the main weapon in the arsenal of every blogger and if your content is mediocre or below par, trust me you won’t have a single returning audience to your blog except for your beloved mommy. The skill to writing like a delicious apple-pie, your readers simply get lost in it, while you have secretly made your way to their minds and presented them your point.

As a writer and blogger you have already come past these essay competitions or mere school absence application letter, you now have the responsibility to entertain the witty audience who is far from your eyes. Content has now to be providing optimal value to your readers, this way you not only make your point clear and understood but also respect the time and effort your readers have invested in visiting you.

The books I recommend for newbie writers and bloggers here are the best in the market and have been getting great reviews across their selling portals. These books will not only will help you to brush your writing skills in the best possible way but also will help you to discover your style of writing and approach towards story telling. This will help you to evolve as a teller. And there is no time called a perfect time for learning it is always now when you have to act. So grab these books and present the world a few more bestsellers and authors.

 1.Writing Down The Bones : Freeing The Writer Within by Natalie Goldberg.

This ultra writing guide will inspire you see the world with a new view, and fresh approach. the book, though published 30 years ago has kept up its charm and will teach you how to stay focused and evolve as a writer.
She offers solid advice to writers and would-be writers on how to write from ‘first thoughts, on “listening”, on using Verbs and on overcoming doubts.


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2.The 2014 Writer’s Market. by Robert Lee Brewer.

The most trusted guide to getting published! (as they say on the cover.)

  • This Bible of the art of getting published details thousands of publishing opportunity for writers, including listing for book publishers and literary agents.
  • you’ll find advice on pitching agents and editors , setting up a freelance business and promoting your writing.
  • It will teach you how to earn full time income from blogging and write six figure non fiction book proposal.
  • you also get access to sample query letters.


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3. On Writing : A Memoir Of The Craft

Part memoir, part master class by one of the best selling authors of all times, this superb volume is a revealing and practical view of the writers’ craft, comprising basic tools every writer must have. Bloggers can learn to catch the engagement of readers and turn them into returning visitors from strangers. King has over 50 best selling books to his credit and is not only a writer but also a true teacher. Justice to his work can be only done by going through the book as no description can contain his excellence in story telling.

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4.CA$HVERTISING : How to Use More than 100 Secrets of Ad-agency Psychology to make Big Money Sellling anything To Anyone, by Drew Eric Whitman.

This book quite a contrary to the boring heading, is a epic guide on structure and using the mechanics of language. Money making may not be your priority but this book is all about persuading the consumer mind that is so very essential as a blogger.

  • Cashvertising teaches you the tip tricks that New-York’s top gun copywriters use to persuade people to buy like crazy.
  • It will train you to write effective and magnetic headlines(60% people read only headlines.)
  • The author has  has surveyed broad field of salesmanship and distilled it down to a series of secrets and response boosting technique.
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5.The Well-Fed Writer and The Well-Fed Self Publisher.

This book is the “standard” book on commercial freelance writing (a.k.a copywriting). this book teaches you on how to be a writer without having to starve. It has great actionable and practical advice on how to sell a product or more clearly how to sell your writing.

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P.S. The links  given to these books are affiliate links, which will not cost you a penny more but will help me generate some revenue to keep this blog alive so that we meet again. Thank you for the help.

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9 thoughts on “Five essential books every blogger writer must read.”

  1. My one the biggest flaw is, I’m lazy in reading.

    But I’ll read these book for improving my content writing.

    Thanks for sharing these book with us.

  2. Hello Swadhin,
    Thanks for sharing these valuable resource for bloggers.
    Now-a-days, most of the newbie bloggers make mistakes that they don’t gather knowledge about blogging and they fail. You mention here some great books that will really help them. I’ll surely try to read some books from your list. :)

  3. Good resources for the bloggers Swadhin, thanks for recommending these books for us.

    I always love to read a lot of book specifically the books related to writing so as to enhance my scripting skill. Bloggers should have good writing talent to narrate the blog posts with personal touch and to stand out from the crowd.

    I’d like to read Book 1, will try to get it :)

  4. Hi Swadhin

    Wonderful resource and opens new doors of creativity for those who just try DIY type of creativity though nothing creative can be done without any direct or indirect inspiration.

    I like #4 that directly contributes a lot in effective blogging and especially helps a lot in creating magnetic headlines.

    In our blogging activities we many time forget the reality that howsoever number of articles we read daily on interenet but they can never be even a modicum of alternative of book reading. We should try to read an ebook or printed book at least half an hour daily to keep learning more and more in detail.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful list.

  5. Hii Swadhin,

    Bro, this is really a well listed article related to inspirational books. I love to read this kind of book who inspire me and motivate e to achieve my goal by fulfilling all the required responsibilities. I got three new books name and information related to that books from here.

    Thanks Bro. Keep writing :)

  6. Hi Swadhin,

    A wonderful post! I love it! :-)

    Thanks for this list, adding them to my reading list! Hopefully, I will be able to read them soon.

    I only recognize one book here (On writing) that’s on my reading list for a while.

    And I agree with you that a writer/blogger must read! Reading fiction or nonfiction provide one with some points to ponder over.

    I’d like to read all 5 of them but number 5 seems enticing with its title and a promise to provide practical tips on making it as a writer. As I’m no fan of ‘starving writer’ image.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi Swadhin, thanks for sharing the name of the books. I will start to read these books one by one. Thanks once again and keep blogging :)

    • Hi Moumita, Good to see you here again. Glad you liked the list and great time with blogging these days.

  8. Good information who want to make writing a career.

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