EaseUS partition PRO Review and Giveaway

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If you are a blogger or an internet marketer who loves his control over the PC he uses, This post is a perfect match for your technical side. In this post, I will review EaseUS partition master pro. This alone is the software that can help you format, partition your hard drive so that you can use it to better organise your online files, store resources and much more.

If you want to resize or rename or even delete or merge existing fragments or storage locations of your hard drive this is your go-to tool. I have tried using the default windows functionality, it not only is limited, but I ended up landing to an engineer because my hard drive got messed up.

That is why I recommend a professional tool like easeUS who know what they are designed to do.

A brief introduction of easeUS:

EaseUS is a partition manager that works more efficiently than the windows default disk management app. It comes in three versions that supports windows 32 bit computers, 64 bit computers and also server edition for the technicians that use both windows 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the windows server os.

How to use easeUS partition master pro version 10.8

EaseUS partition master pro comes in a free version and paid version and for the first trial you can download the free version from the official site. (link is mentioned at the top of the post).

After you’ve installed the software, you are greeted by a very well designed and smooth user interface.

On the top bar, there is the option to resize, rename and creating, moving of partitions in your hard drive.

You can simply drag the graphical representation that has a slider to start the process of resizing your partitions.

EaseUs comes with two amazing copy features, the partition copy and the disk copy.

The partition copy enables you to copy a partition to an unlocated lace in your hard drive while the disk copy can be used to backup your entire storage copy so that it’s easy for disk cloning or data loss recovery.

After your desired option is selected you can hit apply button to get the process started.

EaseUs partition master pro giveaway: your chance to free download easeUS partition master professional edition 10.8

Like all other sponsored reviews, how can I leave you all without a chance of owning this awesome disk management tool for free! Yes, now is the Christmas giveaway time and here is how to own your copy without paying a bit.

I’ve partnered with easeUS so that they give a chance to unlimited download easeUS partition pro (latest version) for the next 48 hours.

All you need to do is go over to the promotion page and free download your copy of genuine easeUS partition master professional version 10.8

I am soon revamping this blog with brand new features and many more giveaways so stay tuned.

Disclosure: All opinions and views in the post are mine and you are advised to use supervision if you are handling storage locations on your pC without any experience.



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