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How to export and download your Orkut Data safely

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Google bids farewell to its sinking social networking platform Orkut. Almost everyone of us have been active on Orkut some years back but have ruthlessly shifted our loyalty to Facebook that too originated the same year Orkut did. The service will finally be shutdown on  September 30, 2014. Here is a detailed guide on how  to export your Orkut data including profile information, photos, testimonials, and community posts.
Google Takeout

Click here to read the full story on Orkut’s shutdown.

You cannot create any more new Orkut accounts from now but can do these things without any problems.

What you can do with your Orkut account till September 30?

  • Log in and use your account as you used to.
  • Play games, write testimonials (remember testimonials ?.. we used to write friends testimonials in return for the same on our profile Open-mouthed smile) and increase your scraps(we used to have compititions on who has the highest number of scraps).
  • Post to communities and export your data.


How to download Orkut data:

  1. Visit Google Takeout. (It is the portal through which you can export your Data and credentials associated with Google products).
  2. Go to choose services and then select Orkut.
  3. click on Create Archive. You will be notified when by email as soon as the process is completed.
  4. Click on download and you can now save an ZIP file which has HTML files and pictures in JPEG format.
  5. You can now use these data to import to any compatible social networking site.(Remember the way you did transfer your Reader data to Feedly).

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