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How to setup Facebook Instant article for your blog

Facebook Instant Articles (1)

Since Facebook first rolled out instant articles back in May, there had been speculations about if the social media giant would make it available for small scale publishers and if at all it did, why would they embrace it? Now that it has opened up the gates of instant articles to everyone, Facebook has made sure no one can refuse its offer with huge incentives.

In this bloggers’ guide to Facebook Instant Articles, I will walk you through the detailed process of how you can join it, design or format your Instant article and also earn ad revenue from it. But, before I tell you how you can enroll for Instant articles and how you can monetize your content on Facebook, let me just give a brief about what Instant articles are.

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Social media trends and tools 2016 [expert round up]

Social media has had 2014 as the most significant year in its entire history. A lot has happened and kings dethroned and new kings made in the kingdom of social media.

While mobile marketing saw a never before rise, brands and enterprises took to non-conventional sources of promotion like Instagram and Pinterest in an attempt to stay in the eyes of their customers. Facebook, is still, the most favorite platform and everyone seems to go crazy to get a lot of Facebook likes.
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How to get your “Twitter Favorite Star” Back: 4 chrome extensions to bring back Twitter favorite stars

restore Twitter stars back

Twitter, recently decided to do away with its favorite star feature and replace it with hearts for like. This has been just another update  by Twitter in its attempt to be more like Facebook.

Don’t like the Twitter hearts? Here are four ways to bring the favorite stars back. (Tweet this)

What the old Twitter favorite meant for marketers and  social media enthusiasts?

The old Twitter star was perhaps a way to say I agree to a tweet. Here is what twitter favorites meant back then.
People favorited your tweet only to say a yes to what you posted. Occasionally, brands and influencers would use the favorite star to express a short thank you instead of writing a tweet for it.

The more savvy marketers used the twitter favs to save a tweet to their pocket account or send it to their buffer for sharing it with their audiences any time. Continue reading →

Facebook brand strategy: A WINNING FORMULA to Facebook branding

Facebook is the largest social media platform with almost one in every seven people on it. According to research, almost 93% of marketers are active on Facebook. That means you can contact with a lot of minded personalities and you have a great chance to make your brand value a big hit on Facebook.

As you know, here you can interact with your friends and fans, share content and images with your fans and do more like this.

As Facebook proves it 1.3 billion active users and increasing, it becomes a great place for business to customer (B2C) marketing.

The best thing is that it is providing targeting advertising opportunity based on users interest.

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