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Elegant Themes Coupon Code (May 2017): *Get MAX. Discount [Updated Today!]

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Elegant themes discount coupon code 2017

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Elegant Themes Discount Coupon (May 2017)

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StudioPress Sites Review: [Complete Details] New Website Builder & Hosting Solution

Get Ready to be amazed!

StudioPress owners just released StudioPress Sites, a new venture that takes the headache off your online business.

If you are anywhere into blogging/website building you probably know that StudioPress is the company behind largest selling premium WordPress themes. Their are the makers of Genesis framework and are the brainchild of Copyblogger Media.

Copyblogger Media also are the makers of Rainmaker Digital that are a complete solution for small business & content marketers worldwide.

In this article, we’ll have a quick StudioPress Sites Review and see if they’re worth trying out!

What are StudioPress Sites?

StudioPress Sites are a all-in-one WordPress Solution (by RainMaker Digital Pvt. Ltd) you need to run your online business. StudioPress Sites includes managed hosting, 20 mobile responsive WordPress Themes, premium plugins like beaver page builder, optin monster and advanced SEO and world class support.

Coming with a price range of $24-$33 per month, StudioPress Sites equip you with everything you need to run a content-oriented blog or a eCommerce business on WordPress under one hood. Let’s have a complete review of whats included and what not including pros and cons.

StudioPress Sites Review: All-in-one Hosting & Website Builder Tools?

In this article, we’ll have a thorough StudioPress Sites Review, which is a brand new all in one website builder with everything you need to run an online business under one hood with the flexible power of WordPress. StudioPress Sites is the product of RainMaker Digital and is essentially an improved version of WordPress that gives you more the best of WordPress minus the hassles of self-hosted websites.

StudioPress Sites package comes with inbuilt mobile optimized themes, hosting support, eCommerce facility and world class support.

Curious to know more about StudioPress Sites?
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MyThemeShop Black Friday Deals: **Max Discount Coupon 2017

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Twitter Branding Tips: How To Build A Personal Brand On Twitter

Twitter branding tips: How to brand yourself on twitter

In my last guest post at, I wrote about how to get started and be a pro twitter user. My this post about branding on twitter is for people and startups who are advanced twitter users and now want to create an image of them or their business through their twitter profile.
Ready for some fantastic twitter branding tips?

Definition of branding:

Branding actually is the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products

In other words, making a brand of you means creating a certain image of yours with your customers, readers or audience who now know what to expect from you. You can decide what you want to be perceived for.

When you develop a brand you now take up your stand on something. You cannot be known for both a funky and a classic brand; neither can you be something that is both cheap and costly at the same time. Your brand is what it defines you from the rest.

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10 Mistakes Every Marketer Should Avoid (Are you on the correct path?)


Marketing is the nucleus of any business. No matter how much great piece of content, software or services you have, without marketing everything is in vain.

There is social media marketing, email marketing, video marketing; in short; there are many streams of marketing. There are endless options and ways to market your stuff, but the thing is to do it right.

With the right amount of hard-work and in the right direction, you can get your work done without much hassle. But, most of the new marketers on the block are new. And given the degree of competition between companies over the internet these days, committing mistakes is just not in your kitty. You have got only one shot, and you have to do it right in the first go itself.

So here we are with some mistakes you should avoid as a marketer, to make yourself and your products grow more popular than ever.

1. Not Focusing on SEO

SEO is an important part of your business. Everybody is trying to get a bigger pie over search engine rankings and rank up high in #1 page. Google and other search engines can drive an insane amount of good and organic traffic. Organic traffic helps in winning more conversions than inorganic ones.

Most of the companies avoid to get into SEO, because learning the whole process of ranking in search engines is quite a tedious job and most of the SEO firms charge a handsome amount of money for their SEO services.

But good SEO delivers more than enough sufficient results.

2. Not Having a Blog

Many of the marketers think that blog is of no use for their business. Why would one need a blog? When you want to sell your products, right?

But if you look at all the top Fortune 500 companies, you will find that each of the company have their very own blogs to communicate better with their readers and propagate company’s ideologies through blog posts. By having conversations with your readers, you build up the trust factor that helps in rake sales and new customers.

Creating a blog has never been a difficult task. Check out the five minute process to start a business blog.

3. No Social Networking

If you think social networking websites are just for time-pass and nothing else, then you might have to change your ideologies. Especially, if you are a marketer. Social networking websites like Facebook have huge potential in driving in an incredible amount of traffic, which increases the potential of future customers. Also, with social media marketing, you can your product get viral.

4. No Local Search Optimization

Local search is the next big thing in the business world. And every company is trying hard to rank up higher in local search engines results. Ranking on local search results is one of the most important tasks to do as only those people would search for your business locally which are in dire need of your services. These people have more potential as a customer than people coming in from social media.

5. No Guest Posts

Guest’s posts are an awesome way to build your exposure in the crowded world of Internet. By posting in top-notch websites like Life Hacker, ProBlogger, HuffingtonPost, which gets over millions of hits per month. If you can land up your piece of content on their homepage, you will instantly be blessed with tens of hundreds of visitors. Another great aspect is that most of these websites have a high PR of 5 or more which will give you some juicy backlinks to your website that will help you rank higher.

6. Not Speaking at Conferences

Conferences are a great place where most of the bloggers and business owners come. This prove a great platform to promote your business and generate more sales. The chances are that bloggers will take your business in account and start posting about them, more publicity without spending a single penny and more returns and incoming visitors. You shouldn’t miss this chance of branding your personal self.

7. Not networking with others

Even if you have a fear of, let’s say stage and don’t like to say. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t attend the seminars, webinars, and conferences. Remember, lots of other people come there as well, you can build long-term relationships and connections with them. Marketing isn’t a one-man show, you have to collaborate with others.

8. Not Commenting on Other’s Blogs

As said above, networking is a very important aspect. You can build up connections and friends that help you in any time of problem when you require any help. This is a simple and free technique whose potential isn’t known to many folks. Besides networking, it also helps in the link-building process that again helps you perform better in search engines.

Leaving long and thoughtful comments lays a path for readers of that website come towards yours.

9. No Affiliate Marketing

Usually, Affiliate Marketing is used for generating money. But, there are companies that are looking for affiliate marketers for promoting their products. Much new and small-scale business prefer affiliate marketing as a source of promotion. For a small cut of your profits, bloggers will promote your products.

Editor’s note: Apart from Freelance writing, affiliate networks like Shareasale have been a source of my earning and help me to make a living from it. You can also join the following programs to earn recurring commissions (earn throughout the course by just referring the client once).

10. Never Cutting Your Prices

Almost all the business apply this funds of slashing their product’s prices after a fixed time to attract more users. Offer your products at a discounted price during the festive season like Christmas to achieve more sales. These are some of the common tactics which always proves successful. For example, Studiopress themes from Copyblogger media, are the largest selling WordPress themes has no need to slash their prices but they do cut their prices during black Friday and other such occasions. This is marketing.

Over to you,

These are the common mistakes, marketers and online entrepreneurs should avoid. Mistakes are not bad, they help us grow, but when we can learn beforehand we should always work to avoid them. What are the biggest mistakes you think you have made when you look back at your journey as an marketer? Discuss it in the comments so that we can learn from your experiences. 🙂