10 Mistakes Every Marketer Should Avoid (Are you on the correct path?)

Marketing mistakes to avoid for bloggers
Common blogging and marketing mistakes to avoid

Marketing is the nucleus of any business. No matter how much great piece of content, software or services you have, without marketing everything is in vain.

There is social media marketing, email marketing, video marketing; in short; there are many streams of marketing. There are endless options and ways to market your stuff, but the thing is to do it right.

With the right amount of hard-work and in the right direction, you can get your work done without much hassle. But, most of the new marketers on the block are new. And given the degree of competition between companies over the internet these days, committing mistakes is just not in your kitty. You have got only one shot, and you have to do it right in the first go itself.

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Facebook brand strategy: A WINNING FORMULA to Facebook branding

Facebook is the largest social media platform with almost one in every seven people on it. According to research, almost 93% of marketers are active on Facebook. That means you can contact with a lot of minded personalities and you have a great chance to make your brand value a big hit on Facebook.

As you know, here you can interact with your friends and fans, share content and images with your fans and do more like this.

As Facebook proves it 1.3 billion active users and increasing, it becomes a great place for business to customer (B2C) marketing.

The best thing is that it is providing targeting advertising opportunity based on users interest.

You can easily get a lot of likes on Facebook by following some simple steps like creating a brand on it.

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