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Nine reasons why Aha now blogging community is better than Facebook.

Are you bored of seeing the same valueless Facebook timeline? Do you wish for a community where friends provide real care and attention to your problems and celebrate your happiness like your family? If yes, give me the permission to introduce you to amazing community that also rewards its active members.

P.S. – This is not a paid post or review I am sharing my genuine experience so you can trust me that the community I am going to talk about is awesome.

The community I am proud to write about is Aha!Now blogging community. Yes it is a life blog, a multi-niche PR3 blog that offers quality tutorials for every walk of life like parenting, education, motivation, blogging, freelance writing, you name it. What is icing on the cake is Aha!Now has recently launched the community for anyone which provides great values at least better than most social networking sites.

Aha!Now Blog  - Bringing happiness into your life

Nine reasons why Aha!Now Blogging community is better than Facebook or Google plus.

1) It is the brain child of Harleena Singh- “the blog commenting queen”.

Yes, if you are a blogger you are sure to know Harleena Singh and her bright smile. Her presence in blogosphere is greatly enjoyed and though she is a pro-blogger and has connections with other top bloggers. She is down to earth and never hesitates to help new bloggers.

She is seen commenting her views (relevant and real ones) on almost every blog she knows and her advice and comment is treasured. So it is definitely a wise decision to be under her observation and to befriend her on the community. Enstine Muki featured her in a post.

2) Networking with pro bloggers:

Yes almost every seasoned blogger is a part of her community. You can get to network with them, learn from them and seek their advice for your projects. They are all very helpful and cooperative.

3) Drive Traffic to your blog:

Aha Now Blogging Community or ABC is the place that acts as a social bookmarking and sharing site that helps you to share your latest post with the community members. It’s a guarantee that friends over their will appreciate your work and give genuine feedback. They also go and read the post and share it with their audience.

4) Get motivated and learn great things:

Unlike Facebook or Google plus where we live a too sneak peak type life and without any values, Aha-now has great features and a store house of posts that will help you to learn on the go.

5) There is something for everyone:

No, don’t take Aha-Now is only for bloggers, if you are a normal layman or reader too there are posts on life and other topics to hold your interests. You can have a vast section of parenting and earning online posts too.

Almost all the members are from diverse fields and walk of life so you get to interact with everyone or specific people you want. The choice is yours.

6) Engagement:

If you believe me, I have come across many great bloggers and freelance writers through this community. I have become a loyal reader of their awesome blogs and similarly, many great bloggers like Ravi Chahar, Vishnu Verma, Yvonne, Ikechi and Nisha Pandey have become my great friends and they visit my blog regularly.

So, if you are looking for engagement and quality response to your words then this is a hundred times better place than Facebook of Google plus.

7) Family feel:

Tired of fickle minded social networking site? ABC offers you not a social networking site but an online home for you. At Aha-now we celebrate the birthdays and other achievements of the Ahaians very warmly and we would also love you to be there.

8) Not just happiness, we are there for you at times of your worst dreams.

Quite ironical that you post a status of your indisposition on Facebook and people LIKE it. On the contrary, Ahaians stand up for you. Give you moral support and suggest positive ways for you to get out of the problems. Great, isn’t it? You can check this out.

9) Giveaways and other bonus gifts:

Tell me what added benefits did Facebook give you rather than eating away your productivity? But here we have a community that gives way its loyal members with gifts worth 600$ and promises of bringing even more. What is amazing is that it does not give away products to promote some sponsors or to clear up stocks of some B-grade company. It announces giveaways that are truly and truly valuable to its readers.

So, what did you decide? I know you can’t wait to join so here is the link :

Join Aha-Now Blogging Community.

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